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Do our society encourage too much editing of photos?

My father is a photographer and has been for over 20 years. As I grew up the photograph industry went through a rampant change. The change from film to digital files. As most photographer know film could not be edited as much as digital files but one digital came about everything changed.

The Digital Revolution offered editing of photos. At first editing was seen as mere tool to help explain the photos better. However as years went by editing became more than just the tool; it became the picture.

Currently I think photography has lost most of its meaning or is this the new way of photography?

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    Aug 4 2011: Jasper, what are the ways you think original photography is meaningful?
    • Aug 4 2011: When I was young probably around 12 we headed to the YVR international airport field and took many photos with film. We didn't edit a single photo. The photo was meaningful nothing was changed. It was reality and it was beautiful. It was the moment forever unchanged but as of today many people use editing to remove the flaws and the natural beauty of pictures. A meaningful picture is a picture of the moment not changed by programs and software.
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        Aug 5 2011: Jasper, to me there are ways that an original picture is meaningful as you do and there are ways also that an original picture is lifted up (edited) to express our great desire to love, hope and trust, or to show the power and beauty of freedom, justice and truth.

        Your are probably aware of 2011 TED prize winner JR (global art project).