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More rights for patients and their loved ones.

I feel, in my experience that patients opinions and their loved ones opinions have been lost in the process of diagnosing and treating a disease or illness. An example. My mother had been sick for 3 years. And was constantly misdiagnosed. I researched online numerous times trying to find an answer for what was going on with my mother. I would bring it up to loads of different doctors. She was in and out of the hospital constantly. And every time I attempted to bring up something I felt in my opinion should be looked at. I was met with something like "Let me do my job." I felt like the doctors treated my mother and I as a third party in her healthcare. There ended up being a lot of things I was right about. And a lot of things they were wrong about. And now I'm left with countless "What if?" questions. "What if they would listened? Could there of been a different treatment?"

Things like this are plaguing my mind now after the passing of my mother on July 6th. So what this boils down to, is that I feel like the patients and the patients loved ones should be treated like human beings and heard when they have an opinion on their healthcare. And people told us to get second opinions. Not only did we get 2nd. We got 3rd, 4th, 5th and so on. And always got the same answer. And in the end they were all incorrect. So I am trying to get at the root of the problem I've seen from personal experience. Is that I feel the patient should be an essential tool in their healthcare. And so should their family. Not looked at as uneducated, and unequipped to make any decisions. Because that is the way 20+ doctors made my mother and I feel in her remaining years. And that is very unfair. There is my two cents on this issue I feel is a big issue in today's society. Healthcare needs to become less mainframe and more personal.


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    Aug 2 2011: Rights like what? Please give examples
    Right to refuse treatment?
    Right to seek a second opinion?

    You say you want patients and families to be heard, what do you mean by that? Of course you have a right to seek holistic treatments, I'm not so sure a patient should have the right to prescribe a narcotic pain killer to themselves.
    You certainly seem upset about something, elaborate.
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      Aug 2 2011: Sorry I was not elaborate. I am talking more towards personal experience with my mothers illness. She had been misdiagnosed for years with many different doctors. I had personally given opinions to these doctors of what I thought it may be, after doing research online. And got responses such as "Let me do my job." When in fact it later came out that I was correct with certain things that the doctors did not look into or didn't even consider. So what I am getting at is with atleast 20 different doctors at the hospital my mom spent 3 years in and out of. I was never heard when speaking my opinion. They talked to my mother and I as if we were a third party. We were not able to be involved with the process. And in the end, my mother recently passed away July 6th. Of interstitial lung disease. Which was one of the things I brought up to the doctors in 2009. And was quickly met with an answer of "This does not match interstitial lung disease." And we got many second opinions on her overall health situation. And the answer was always "She has pneumonia." Everytime she was admitted to the hospital, every doctor said she had pneumonia. And in my research. Interstitial lung disease is often misdiagnosed with pneumonia because it is an inflammation of the lung. So what I'm getting to is that with 20+ doctors at this specific hospital, they all gave the same diagnosis. And I guess it just seems very unfair that everyone treated my mother, and her family as uneducated and unequipped to make any assumptions of her healthcare. When in fact, in the end I was correct on what her disease was for 2 years. And there was no treatment for it.

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