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If you were incharge of preventing the world from going through a mass extinction of life on Earth what would you do & are you willing to it

There are countless problems an Earth for us to overcome. Prioritizing them correctly is essential. We may have to come to realize that problems of each other person on Earth are all of our problems. Other people's problems may effect each one of us directly and indirectly. Diseases and environmental problems in one place effect other places. We even have to look at the problems of animals. Diseases often spread from animals to people. How do we work together to create a sustainable, healthy green peaceful future together? How do we completely transform the world and environment to clean up the toxic effects of all past mistakes, wars, atomic test detonations and deadly military experiments conducted by the militarizes of the world engaged in over the past 200 years? How do we really clean up industrial waste and pollution of the water, soil, air and in the environment quickly enough? Is it possible to safely do so? How do we make going green profitable enough that we live our lives with a positive benefit to the environment? How do we give back, help protect nature and all its life's biodiversity? How do we survive? How do we afford to make all the changes necessary? How do we transform our lives in the way necessary to be green and sustainable? How do we each live our lives with a positive impact on the environment? How do we declare world peace and a global cease fire? How do we work in harmony with nature mimicking natures solutions in our own daily lives? There is so much to do it is overwhelming but we just have to keep doing it one second at a time, one minute at a time, one day at a time while forwardly looking for long term solutions to very old problems of meeting the worlds need to feed, shelter and clothe ourselves with minimum a minimum negative impact on the environment.

  • Aug 1 2011: The ans. to all your questions starts with convincing each & every person what needs to be done & why. There in lies the hardest task of all. When greed is the main driving force very little can get done. The word "Team" is key here but a huge part of the population has put an "i" in it.
    There is no simple solution to any of your questions, but if you could convince the whole population of the world that they need to act, then, and only then, will solutions have a chance.
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      Aug 27 2011: Thanks for your response. I am asking all people on Earth to take actions for the prevention of a mass extinction of life on Earth. Please spread the word and ask people to pitch in to help the world!
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    Aug 1 2011: Given the power to do so?

    1) A world government that can impose world-laws on all countries, regions and multinational organisations.
    2) Eliminate Tax on Labour, and make a tax on consumption instead
    3) Account the whole supply chain for the repairing of the damage a product causes during the whole of production

    All other problems would be handled later, where i suggest a system dynamic approach would be useful.