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Professional Advisory Council, Rett Syndrome Research Trust

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What moves you to your best?

I often wonder: What moves YOU to Your Best? A good tune to start the day with? A good read? A good film? A sunny day? A good walk through the woods or by the ocean..? A stay in with your soulmate/best friend? What is that of which makes you - YOUR BEST ??


Closing Statement from Linda Taylor

Thank you ALL for your beautiful - inspiring thoughts!! I loved each and every ones share.. Stay true to yourselves and never loose that passion inside of you..for it's priceless. Thank you all again for these wonderful insights! Happy New Year, for a 2012 truly meaningful for each and one of you!!! Cheers, Peace, Blessings and much much Love to all of you!!! ~ Linda

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    Mar 2 2011: doing something nice for somebody else; knowing you positively affected someone else.

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