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What moves you to your best?

I often wonder: What moves YOU to Your Best? A good tune to start the day with? A good read? A good film? A sunny day? A good walk through the woods or by the ocean..? A stay in with your soulmate/best friend? What is that of which makes you - YOUR BEST ??


Closing Statement from Linda Taylor

Thank you ALL for your beautiful - inspiring thoughts!! I loved each and every ones share.. Stay true to yourselves and never loose that passion inside of you..for it's priceless. Thank you all again for these wonderful insights! Happy New Year, for a 2012 truly meaningful for each and one of you!!! Cheers, Peace, Blessings and much much Love to all of you!!! ~ Linda

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    Feb 21 2011: There is an idiom derived from an ancient event from China. "While thousand-li horses are not common, men like Bo Le are even rarer."

    Bo Le, a connoisseur of horses during the Spring and Autumn Period(770~474 B.C.) of China, had an uncanny sense for judging horseflesh. The story is told that one day he spotted an old nag towing a cart, and recognized immediately that it was a thousand-li horse which can cover 500 kilometers a day. He was in tears and covered it with his cloak to show his respect. The horse, similarly moved, neighed loudly to heaven, as if to ask why its talents had not been noticed until that day.

    Somebody like Bo Le who appreciates the true value of my talents makes me somebody. It's what could move me to my best.
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      Feb 21 2011: Wow what a beautiful story JJ Lee.. Thank you for sharing that with us!! Indeed, someone like Bo Le can be very moving and inspiring !!!
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    May 9 2011: The silence in the early morning, at ease with myself, is my most inspirational moment, were I get the best ideas and most of my "problems" seam to be solved instantly.
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    Mar 23 2011: The thing that motivates me at the deepest level is hope. I have to have hope that there can be a good outcome or positive change.
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    Mar 2 2011: Outside influences like a nice day or soothing music always puts me at ease, but essentially for me it's the freedom that I can have as a result of my efforts that moves me to my best. When I share those ideas with others and inspire them to get the best out of themselves and for them to find their freedom, it produces a satisfaction that I can hardly put into words. I like making connections and sharing ideas. I'm inspired by the stories of others and live to create opportunities for myself. My goal is before I'm done is to inspire millions to reach their maximum potential and for them to pay that mindset forward to their future generations.
  • Mar 2 2011: A good problem to solve at work, a slow relaxed breakfast with a good book.

    The book "Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience" by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is a really good read on this very subject.
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    Mar 2 2011: doing something nice for somebody else; knowing you positively affected someone else.
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    Feb 22 2011: Ability to think from out of this world perspective.
  • Feb 21 2011: There are many ways I look to be my best. Mostly, every time I get up in the morning, however slowly it may be, I think about what I want to do today. Sometimes what I want to do is go to school, sometimes it's going for a walk in New York City, and other times it's stay at home. I feel as if every time I'm fully awake, I'm at my best.
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      Feb 21 2011: That's true.. ''fully awake'' IS being at your best already, always! Thank You Julian B.
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    • Mar 1 2011: Thank you for all of your 'meaningful contributions to humanity.' Keep doing all those positive things you do. I appreciate every positive thing you do.
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    Feb 20 2011: Being part of a team which is focused on a project driven by passion.
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      Feb 21 2011: ''Driven by passion'' .... is all that is takes... I loved that! Thank You Lee W.
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    Feb 20 2011: A nice waking-up with a brilliant idea that can be turned into a real project.
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      Feb 21 2011: Sounds like a great start of the day!!
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    Jun 15 2011: cocktail of...love+food+drinks+freedom+ appreciation
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    May 26 2011: I have a tunnel inside of me which can help me go through tough days. it is a tunnel of love for life, love for my fellow beings...
  • May 6 2011: In my openion the fear that live inside each person of us can make us try our best not to fail, and trying to achieve our goals.

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    Mar 19 2011: Knowing there is a chance the audience/client/family member/etc may find inspiration and/or enjoyment from my work. Even better, when that joy/inspiration is similar to the amount I was feeling when I started the work.
  • Mar 3 2011: Learning about interesting people motivates me. I like to hear about people talk about overcoming obstacles and realizing big opportunities.
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    Mar 3 2011: Imaging myself the way I want to be, everyday. And thinking about all the good possibilities in my future. It moves me to do better everything I deal with.
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    Mar 2 2011: Singing in a group...it started in high school chorus years ago. Even a church choir brings out my best effort. Also, several years ago, I wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle. I failed the class...the riding part. I decided that I wanted to do whatever was required to succeed, so I bought a bike and practiced until I could take the class again and passed with flying colors. Being motivated to succeed at something is what makes me give my best effort.
  • Mar 2 2011: Ego. It would be an embarrassment to not be the best person I can be, or at least try. As our days are numbered, I don't want to risk thinking on my last day that I didn't do as much, or as well as I could. Either for myself and/or for others.
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    Mar 2 2011: 完成了一件自己很想做的事情。。比如:健身
  • Mar 2 2011: I think you should plan what you will do next day ,that thought should be the last when you go to sleep and you dream it ,your unconscious mind does everything and you get up with fresh ideas.
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    Mar 2 2011: Survival.
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    Mar 2 2011: Waking up each morning with inspiration!
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    Mar 1 2011: The people that stand up and share a positive message that encourages change for a greater human community.

    People inspire me to be my best.
  • Mar 1 2011: Being in the presence of positive people. Being in the presence of people who are successful or consider themselves successful.
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    Mar 1 2011: No body can motivate anybody. So to move me , it's my self motivation. But yes at times each of those what you mentioned and some other factors can act as a catalyst only in one or the other time.