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Why do we allow money to limit the supply of all food?

Supply and distribution of food depends on the actions and intelligence of people. Eating food is a very simple process known to every living creature. There is no evidence that money is an essential ingredient. People often volunteer their time and energy. Food does not require to be transported into the mouth by by means of a V folded banknote. Suppose everyone in the World agreed to give some of their time and energy to allow us to guarantee every one on the planet would get sufficient free food forever?
Food must be given maximum priority above all else. Starvation is a deadly killer, and destroys life and life styles as effectively as any disease. Enough food can already be produced already. But only those with money can get it, and those with lots of money can waste enormous amounts of it. We must learn and apply the best methods of production and do it all as efficiently as can be.
There is some talk of financial crisis is about to destroy the whole financial system and billions of people will be eliminated.
If we isolate food from the financial system, the machinations of the money people need not affect us at all. The whole population would lose their fears and be confident knowing that they never need to go hungry.
This has to be on a global scale. It is apolitical, just humans co-operating with each other. Perhaps it could be called "Humanism".

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  • Aug 2 2011: I don't understand why people take such a combative position on hunger. We all post these comments, whether you feel that we do or do not have the resources to end world hunger (and again, I don't know why people would want to argue about that - look at people like Larry Ellison or the like - we have the resources), well fed. We are not hungry when we sit and argue nonsensically with one another about who is right or wrong. Let us concern ourselves more with the fact we like being fed, as that others would too. Let us think of that and stop bickering!! And also for those talking about cost of food - she said that chickpea packet costs 17 cents!! If we just didn't go to starbucks for one week, suppose we make coffee at home, save a few bucks and some paper - we could put that towards several of those chickpea packets and help out some people who desperately need it. But let's not consider these words... Let's argue some more...

    Check out Peter Singer's part in the movie Examined Life. I think Singer's a little looney on some issues, but he's got some good points.
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      Aug 13 2011: This conversation starts with the question: "Why do we allow money to limit the supply of all food?" Discussing the role of money seems appropriate to me.

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