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An ongoing conversation page link on every talk for "HOW I SPREAD THIS IDEA"

In response to Mihal Musat's conversation this idea came to me. . .

I completely understand where you are coming from with this - it might be more of a valid idea to add an option for conversation underneath the talk "how I spread this idea" in fact I think I am going to make a conversation for this idea. I have always thought it would be neat to know that a talk I found inspirational made it's way into a classroom, and then to know what age and how it was tied into a discussion. It would be neat to have this separate from the immediate page the talk is on, rather an ongoing conversation directly for sharing a persons experience in spreading the idea.

I am pretty certain that the impact of some talks can not be directly linked with the cause the speaker is focused on. My love for TED I have come to realize is a love for transdisciplinary inspiration. Along the same lines, when I am inspired by an idea I hear, sometimes yes I reach out for a book or a blog by the speaker themselves but just as often I will reach out for a person they mentioned in the talk or a concept I want to know more about.

Would you be interested to reference other peoples experiences with sharing TED?

Would you be interested to participate in sharing well received moments of TEDspiration :)

As Derek Silvers proclaims, it is the first follower who really creates a movement

Shine Always,
Autumn Frisco

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    Aug 4 2011: Autumn, maybe it's like looking into a collaborative path for inspiring ideas.

    This seems to be a great idea for me but how can we ask other TEDsters to share their perspectives?