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Do you think mankind has stopped evolution?

The ideas of Charles Darwin greatly described how complex species evolved from simple organisms, However, Homo sapiens sapiens has a peculiar feature: its thinking ability. Do you think that, due to our intellectual advance that made us able to fabricate glasses, vaccines, wheel-chair, hearing-devices, prostatic legs, bioengineered hearts, etc., we are "stopping" the process of evolution?

When we invent such things, we are making life possible to people who wouldn't naturally survive without them. But to you think we already got to a point where natural selection of human beings has stopped (or at least significantly slowed)?

I believe it's hard to have a concrete answer, since Men have existed for a very short period of time considering all the evolution process, but what is your opinion on the subject?


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    Aug 3 2011: Are we intelligent enough and responsible enough to make these decisions ?
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      Aug 3 2011: no, we are making a huge mistake
      • Aug 5 2011: Who are you to judge? By the time this kind of technology will come around, the current consensus of what is right and what is morally wrong will have changed, and all those who are too slow to adapt to the currents of time will be nothing but an anachronism.
        I'm not saying you're wrong, but please consider that with change in technology and society, morals change. Usually for the better.

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