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In what sits, floats or hangs the cosmos?

I always imagine the cosmos as a gigantic bubble but always wonder in what that bubble is captured. Any suggestions?

  • Aug 30 2011: I think the question is a waste of brainpower, if we ever find an edge, maybe then we can worry about it ;) Personally and for practical purpose the universe has no limit for me.

    Or think of it as a dream, while it may have a beginning and end, it has no edge.
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    Jul 31 2011: Well... in traditional models that question is meaningless, there is no "outside the universe, the bubble you're speaking of is EVERYTHING that exist.
    However, if we look into string/M theory you might get some answers that you'd like...
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      Jul 31 2011: Thanks for the link, this is really interesting.
      I should watch it a few times over again though, it's still pretty abstract to me.