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Are you in control of your life? Are we in control of our lives?

Who is in control? Is there a bigger picture than what we see in our world today?

What are the main aspects of our existence that have the power to transform our personal lives, bring more happiness to ourselves and to others, ultimately transitioning our global home into a more just and sustainable planet?

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    Jul 31 2011: There are lot uncontrollable factors impacting todays life but there are lot controllable factors as well. I try to control whatever I can control.

    That's the way we can control our lives and many are doing so as you are also Joe, the proof is your this very question (someone not in control only blames uncontrollables, never asks such question)

    Who / what stops us to smile to the person we meet ?
    Who / what stops us to think for the betterment of mankind and do something ?
    Who / what stops us to enjoy something beautiful (as Birdia already told below)?
    Who / what stops us to spend sometime with our loved ones ?
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      Aug 2 2011: Salim, it seems to me that the real struggle of our world lies in the triumph of the right ideas (our universal ideas like love, hope, trust, liberty, truth, justice) being more prevalent in our global consciousness as you and I as Tedsters are spreading in this great forum.

      Our hope seems to rest on the range of our powers dangling between the perception of our world as simply evolving or revealing a prophecy and the real and urgent contribution that we can now control and contribute to transition our systems into a just and sustainable global home.

      What are the clear indicators that you see that we will end up alright in the end or say a decade from now?
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        Aug 3 2011: Hi Joe

        Good day. Agree what you said , about the struggle of triumph of right idea. Since the humankind started it's journey in to the so called civilization , the struggle of Good Vs Evil was there may be it was there even before.

        Unfortunately all the time, Good Idea or Right Idea (as you coined rightly) took always long long time for it's triumph & at times it seemed it never succedd but eventually good idea won. What I feel , it took so much time because , all the time Right Ideas used to come from the people who were not in power cneters. Power centers used to consider people with "Right Idea" as enemies which is still same. Think Socretes, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Mandella so on how long it took them to estabilish their thoughts. Socretes even prefer to take the bowl of Hemlock.

        Now I see a better opportunity , because of the Global Connectivity. People can exchange ideas more freely then ever before. The power of Media deminishing due to same reason. So it will be difficult for people in power to confuse people as easy as they could earlier.Another thing may slowly happen i.e. formation of Global Body of people with of those good ideas so that they can unitedly fight the denial of establishment. The discussion here also indicates that.

        May be community of those people are now in "Storming" phase but will move in to next step of "Forming" that's my wish/hope/belief .
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    Aug 31 2011: We are not always in control of the events of our lives, but we most certainly are always In control of our reaction to those events (or at least we should be).
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      Jul 31 2011: Birdia, you have personal serenity as Jodi Williams would describe and many of us do and it is indeed a sign of great hope for all of us that gives us the power to demonstrate our impeccable humanism.

      Is your question about "global crisis" rethorical? You can see how this guy presents numerous global issues, aiming to show how they are inter-related.
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          Jul 31 2011: Hi Birdia, as I said the beauty of life that many of us can see is one of our hope and perhaps such an outlook can simply see our world as simply having issues and not "global crisis" as you ask. That the problems we have today is all part of the process, and for others part of our fate.

          Are you asking the question to mean that there is no global crisis? How are you defining global crisis in your question?
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          Aug 2 2011: So global crisis to you is essentially the first two world wars and I agree with you Birdia.

          What do you think about the "climate change crisis" which as you are aware is a global problem. Lately, the UN had a stalemate on the negotiations when climate change was considered as a global security threat. To put our conversation on topic, do we really have the power, as a nations and as individuals, to avert the devastating effects of climate change?
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          Aug 2 2011: Of course you can enjoy life as do sweet Birdia! What you do is a great example of what global citizenship means.

          Perhaps all we can do is to simply enjoy this life and translate all our activities, the best way we can, in the ideals of justice and sustainability. That ultimately our ideals and individual actions of love, hope and trust is enough to transform our world.