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In this world of the entire instant change, why is that almost all of us trust that our memory can be safely "stored" as unchanged images, stories, words or numbers?
How do we carry "things" in minds from one moment to another? How do we "find" images and stories we wish to think or talk about?

P.S. There is neither a neuroscientist, nor a butcher who has seen any image or a thought in brains.

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    Aug 30 2011: I think that our memory is the biggest part in making us who we are. We are creatures that experience, and those experiences sometimes leave imprints on our brain.

    The formulas for the chemical reactions that are created when these imprints are made are stored in the subconscious to be recalled at a later date to produce the memory. The imprint might not be substantial, and therefore not leave a definitive mark on the subconscious, and the memory may be unclear. What also may happen is the information stored is written over previous data, misconstruing the memory.

    Sometimes experiences leave no imprint on the subconscious, like if I asked you what you ate for breakfast on your 10th birthday, you probably wouldn't be able to tell me, not because you never ate breakfast, but because in the overall filing system of your life, the imprint never existed or was written over long ago.

    Sometimes you can also recall experiences from your childhood without even meaning to, which, in my opinion, stems from the subconscious. This is the subconscious doing a sort of defragmentation of you brain storage filing system. Recalling memories that are in places of the “disk drive” that have not been accessed in ages, so it can be written over with new memories, or additions to the memory of the one recalled.

    Also, experiences can leave a major imprint on the subconscious making the memory feel like the life changing event of 15 years ago, happened only yesterday. The formula for these chemical reactions is so clear, the mind can recreate it at any given moment.
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      Aug 30 2011: I like the way you think, Niel. I guess not toooo very many people are interested to know How they are able to perceive and memorize their experience in the first place. Memorizing is the very crucial process of our existence because we are mainly - our living and transforming memories.

      Our conscious minds live in our past, because we have to, fist subconsciously, digest our mysterious interactions with our environment, before we can actually see, smell, hear and "memorize" anything. The theater of reality that we are able to observe in our minds, is our own "production", and it always needs some time to be produced.

      For this reason I trust that our conscious minds live in our past, way behind the instantly changing world. But we live through the entire change as well, and all our memories, whether deeply subconscious sensations, or "conventional" "identical" images or ideas are constantly changing, as long as we stay alive.

      How you think our memories turn from this mysterious subconscious "sleeping material" into images, sounds, numbers, even stories?
  • Jul 31 2011: Below is a poem (or whatever) i wrote while pondering on memory and the origin of thought a few years back)


    The page on which these witings abide
    The place Wherein my thoughts reside
    They are one
    For out of seeming nothingness
    The ink from below appears
    On this vast expanse of Desert sheet
    In like manner
    My thoughts flow forth from place eternal

    We find stories we want to recount by a process of "willing" . Whether we have freewill is a question for another day.
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    Aug 30 2011: Our Memories along with minds (including what we see as "physical bodies") can continue based on our extraordinary ability of our minds to constantly COMPARE (sensations, images, sounds, smells, etc.,) External and internal Change is a major driving force of life, any life.
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    Aug 4 2011: I guess the question "what is memory" is a little tooooo daring. No one has ever answered this question yet. However all our conscious and subconscious life, activities, judgements and beliefs are getting built based on memory that changes in every instant. We so want to believe that we can capture a moment, photograph, record, or describe in words "some facts"!

    We still do not know how to deal with our own minds within endless change and transformations that govern our whole existence.

    If we want to evolve our personal and collective mentality and improve social systems we shall understand how our own minds work while building our world for us that we "can" memorize.
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    Jul 31 2011: I believe that memory is a Process that constantly changes our previous experience.