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In this world of the entire instant change, why is that almost all of us trust that our memory can be safely "stored" as unchanged images, stories, words or numbers?
How do we carry "things" in minds from one moment to another? How do we "find" images and stories we wish to think or talk about?

P.S. There is neither a neuroscientist, nor a butcher who has seen any image or a thought in brains.


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  • Jul 31 2011: Below is a poem (or whatever) i wrote while pondering on memory and the origin of thought a few years back)


    The page on which these witings abide
    The place Wherein my thoughts reside
    They are one
    For out of seeming nothingness
    The ink from below appears
    On this vast expanse of Desert sheet
    In like manner
    My thoughts flow forth from place eternal

    We find stories we want to recount by a process of "willing" . Whether we have freewill is a question for another day.

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