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What is the traditional dish of your country and how is it made?

Uruguay and Argentina share their love for "asado" (barbecue), but I would say that the typical dish of my country is "milanesas con papas fritas" (breaded steak with fries). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milanesa
I make them differently. First I cover the slices with bread crumbs, patting them on both sides, then I dip them into the beaten eggs. Finally, before frying them, I perform the first step again.
If you have a fatty liver or your cholesterol level is high, you can bake them.
Have never tasted one? Dare, you won´t regret.

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    Aug 2 2011: Delicious meal! Does "your" paprika have a slightly sweet taste? If it does, I think the translation is "pimentón dulce". Pork is a delicacy and would love to taste those dumplings. In my country we have something similar called "buñuelos". They consist of balls of dough filled with vegetables, which are fried. I´ve become a pörkölt fan! (My keyboard has the diacritical symbol).

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