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What is the traditional dish of your country and how is it made?

Uruguay and Argentina share their love for "asado" (barbecue), but I would say that the typical dish of my country is "milanesas con papas fritas" (breaded steak with fries). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milanesa
I make them differently. First I cover the slices with bread crumbs, patting them on both sides, then I dip them into the beaten eggs. Finally, before frying them, I perform the first step again.
If you have a fatty liver or your cholesterol level is high, you can bake them.
Have never tasted one? Dare, you won´t regret.

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      Jul 31 2011: Great! Had heard of the ballerina, not the dessert. Excellent tips on how to make good meringue. Didn´t know about vinegar and cornstarch. Will try out this recipe to surprise my family and/or friends.
      Don´t worry about the debate. People are always fighting for inventions. We, Uruguayans claim that "dulce de leche" was our invention and our neighbours, the Argentinians say it was theirs. Thanks for your recipe!

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