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What is the traditional dish of your country and how is it made?

Uruguay and Argentina share their love for "asado" (barbecue), but I would say that the typical dish of my country is "milanesas con papas fritas" (breaded steak with fries).
I make them differently. First I cover the slices with bread crumbs, patting them on both sides, then I dip them into the beaten eggs. Finally, before frying them, I perform the first step again.
If you have a fatty liver or your cholesterol level is high, you can bake them.
Have never tasted one? Dare, you won´t regret.

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    Jul 31 2011: Nasi Lemak( Steamed Coconut Milk Rice).It's lovely to have in the morning.It is usually served with sambal ( any idea what is sambal?).It's just so good that it is beyond words.I can't explain the beauty of the delicacy. =)
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      Jul 31 2011: I´m a rice fan. Don´t know if I can get coconut milk. Coconuts are typical of tropical countries. I´ve read coconut milk is not the same as coconut water. Thought that sipping the liquid inside the coconut was its milk. Had to look up "sambal". How could I go to sleep without knowing what it consists of? ;)
      It must be as hot as Mexican seasonings! Undoubtedly heavenly to the palate. Thank you for your contribution!
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        Aug 1 2011: Coconut milk is the liquid you get when you squeeze the flesh of a dried coconut fruit.If you're interested, why don't you try the recipe I gave above.Better yet, why don't you book a flight ticket to Malaysia and I'll treat you this wonderful Malaysian delicacy myself! ;)
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          Aug 2 2011: I will try your recipe when I get a coconut. Not very common here. Thanks again.
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    Aug 2 2011: Delicious meal! Does "your" paprika have a slightly sweet taste? If it does, I think the translation is "pimentón dulce". Pork is a delicacy and would love to taste those dumplings. In my country we have something similar called "buñuelos". They consist of balls of dough filled with vegetables, which are fried. I´ve become a pörkölt fan! (My keyboard has the diacritical symbol).
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    Aug 1 2011: probably the most hungarian dish is pörkölt (which you can't even type in using your keyboard). hungary has nomadic origins, and it shows itself in the cuisine. the result is a lot of flour based foods and a lot of meat for their high nutrition value and ease of transportation. pörkölt is no different, it is fatty and meaty and simple.

    you will need pork, basically any part of it, depending on how fatty you want the result. the modern choice is leg. cut it into 2cm - one inch cubes.

    chop onions, a lot of it.

    get a bowl. to be traditional, melt some lard. if you are entirely disgusted by the idea, you can use vegetable oil (canola or sunflower). fry the onions till transparent. add red paprika powder (it is a tasty non-hot red dried chili powder), stir for a few seconds.

    add the meat, stir. let the meat change color outside. add water so it barely covers. add salt.

    optionally you can add chopped tomato.

    cook for half an hour or till it is soft. if it gets too thick, you can add some more water. stir sometimes, so it does not stick to the bowl.

    the secret of the food is the quality red paprika powder. it is hard to get anywhere else but here. usual red chilies don't have the richness of taste and the deep color.

    you can eat it with bread, cooked pasta, but the best side dish is galuska (aka nokedli), which is a kind of dumplings made of flour, eggs and water, cooked. accompany with picked vegetables, especially "kovászos uborka", a fermented cucumber.

    here are some pics:
    pörkölt with galuska:
    kovászos uborka:
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    Jul 31 2011: Salim, thanks a lot for replying. Your dish sounds great! I love rice and didn´t know what "dal" was. II´ll try to make it, at least something similar.
    Don´t know when I´ll be able to return to London, I went once in 2001 and haven´t been able to return since. Thanks for the advice on the restaurant, hope it hasn´t closed down when I come back to England ;) Regards.
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      Jul 31 2011: Great! Had heard of the ballerina, not the dessert. Excellent tips on how to make good meringue. Didn´t know about vinegar and cornstarch. Will try out this recipe to surprise my family and/or friends.
      Don´t worry about the debate. People are always fighting for inventions. We, Uruguayans claim that "dulce de leche" was our invention and our neighbours, the Argentinians say it was theirs. Thanks for your recipe!
  • Jul 31 2011: Barbecue SpaghettiOs

    1 Tablespoon: Worcestershire sauce
    2-4 Tablespoons: Bull's-Eye Barbecue Sauce (or favorite equivalent)
    1-2 Slice: Kraft Singles Sandwich Cheese
    1 Can: Spaghettios with Meatballs

    Mix and Microwave, Serve on bed of toasted sourdough bread.

    If you survive the ensuing heart attack, your understanding of obesity in the United States will have grown.
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      Jul 31 2011: Thanks for sharing Bob. It must be delicious. We´re not so used to mixing pasta with beef, but the result can be great. When we eat beef, chicken or pork, we accompany it with vegetables, fries or mashed potatoes. It surely is energizing! I came from Madison, WI a week ago and during my stay I tried something unusual for me, at Chilli´s: pot beef on that bed of bread you´ve described, the side was coleslaw, mixed salad and cheese curds. Something completely new to me.
      What is practical in the US is that everything comes in a tin. Here I have to make meatballs myself and it´s time-consuming. Don´t understand why in a country where mostly everyone eats diet food, they are getting fatter. I guess it´s the amount of salt, I can taste salt in every meal, even in meals that are supposed to be sweet, like cookies, doughnuts or muffins.
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    Jul 31 2011: Boiled rice, curry (fish/ meat/ vegatable), dal mostly cooked home is the traditional dish of Bangladsesh.
    You can check links

    Try it, you might like it :)
    The restaurant in Bricklane , London serve a evolved version of Bangladeshi dish which unfortunately got a misnomer of being Indian Food though owners to chef are pre-dominantly Bangladeshi !!!