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Can you feel the time?

Can you feel the time by itself, without any measuring devices such as watches, etc. For example, I learned to feel a time of the other person. How time runs in his brain, quickly or slowly, as in a swamp:) Feel the course of the event'stime that happen with us. It is interesting, that at this moment when you start to see a course of the time someone or something you come to the realization that you know how to speed up the process of the event or human thinking, because you can see the cause of.
I'm wondering do you have such feelings?


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    Jul 31 2011: No, I don't but I'm interested to know.How does the time feel like for you? Do explain please...
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      Jul 31 2011: it is very easy when you turn on your inner observer. For example take the event "family" . We are all immersed in this event by 100%, we live in this event. To feel the time of this event u should get out of it and look from above, from the side as you want, then you will see the processes taking place in this event, and how fast they go. Same with someone quite unknown, or native person you can feel the speed of his thought and in what direction it goes Let's say for me - when I talk to the man and he is easy to communicate, no "worn-out plates in the head" - I feel and know this person has high speed of time because with him it is easily and joyfully. And when you're hard to communicate, even boring, annoyed at the person - it means your time is faster than the time that person - the time of this person is going slowly. That's how I perceive. By the way it is described in ritmologiya. try, it is interesting to observe

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