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Is the universe finite or infinte.

The two scenarios in the debate:

The universe is infinte because numbers are infinite, and something that is finite cannot contain something that is infinite.
E.G a chocolate bar cannot contain infinite cocoa.

The universe is finite, it as a beginning and end, and there is no such thing as infinite numbers because the biggest number would be the amount of the smallest quanta contained in the universe.
E.G the amount of the smallest particle in the universe = the biggest number

These two are currently merged and I believe in modern day science they contradict each other.

Feel free to add more points to the discussion


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    Aug 2 2011: if something couldnt be destroryed, could it be infinite?
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      Aug 2 2011: Interesting thought, but seeing as energy cannot be destroyed nor created, it means energy would be infinite, which brings us back to square 1. Is there infinite energy in the universe?
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        Aug 2 2011: energy is infinite and is in the universe. so yes, there is.
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          Aug 2 2011: I feel like using this as the conclusion, but I am not 100% certain that because something cannot be destroyed it's infinite. Energy can't be created or destroyed but does not nescessarily mean it's infinite, like if there is 2J of potential energy in something - It can't be created or destroyed but it's still 2 Joules... not infinite Joules. Besides all of the above, Energy is just a concept we use to understand many physical concepts, it doesn't actually exist, just like numbers.
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          Aug 2 2011: Then what actually exists, Luciano? Seems that perhaps you are getting at an entirely different topic with that statement.

          Besides, energy cannot be created or destroyed by OUR species.
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        Aug 2 2011: energy does exsist, you can even see it. i dont think it points to a difinitive answere, but how could something infinite exisit in something finite? if all matter is energy and energy is not created or destroyed and the universe thus far, as we know it, is made up of nothing but matter than what? BUT time, time IS finite, and a expanding universe is acctually slowing the concept of time, and one day, it will reach a point so slow it will be hard to say its moving at all.

        if u ask me, numbers are the construct, not energy.,
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        Aug 3 2011: i could use a lot more research about this though.... i probably do not know much.

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