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My seven year son told me that papa we can attach a hot air balloon to Boat so it does not sink in water during storm.

Listening to my son's idea I told him that if you want to do that you should use Gas like helium or nitrogen which is lighter then air. Simply telling you that I am not a science or chemistry student so do not have detailed idea about using which Gas. But I feel that his idea is marvelous!

By such balloon any individual or group sailing through boat in river or ocean can have great safety in any weather.


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    Jul 30 2011: It would be an interesting idea but costly and where would the hot air balloon be stored when not in use? Keep an eye on your son he looks like a good thinker though
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      Aug 4 2011: Actually I helped him to develop the idea in to more practical way with using light gas cylinder to keep with and a balloon with non return valve expandable enough to support Boat weight ratio with gushing water of sea inside it . and attaching strong enough strings with balloon to four corners of the Boat. Now the boat sailors can hold the strings properly with leather hand glause so they can survive in thunder to some extent before the help arrive. The advantage is, if the water of sea is so cold in northern sphere of the world the sailors will not have to wear life jacket and face cold of cold water on their legs and in lower body parts.

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