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Creating a school for teachers and parents, in which they will experience games, watch talks and debate

I'm developing this idea of the "School of Edu" in Brazil, to complement the formation of teachers and to sow new ideas in the parents' minds. But this project is in a inicial fase, so until now I'm trying to develop good ways to bring innovative discussions to the tradicional model of education. What do you think about it? Do you have some tips to me?

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    Jul 31 2011: What types of learners are we talking about? Second, know the parents. their points of view. These two elements should be thoroughly be assessed and considered before doing any approaches

    or not...

    just do some experiments within the limits of sanity lols... surely realizations and discoveries will come... i call that teachers instinct.
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      Aug 1 2011: We are talking about teachers that stay inside poor schools, without many resourses...
      Do you know interesting educational projects in your country? Thanks!
  • Jul 31 2011: Involve small business and community leaders to demonstrate to the students and parents how their education will be useful in their potential future careers.

    As a student, I always enjoyed tactile "hands on" projects. Develop a potential course layout with such practices in mind to keep students engaged and develop their analytical skills.
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    Jul 30 2011: Get parents involved at the lowest level and then show them how important it is for them to stay involved in every level of their student's education come quickly to mind. I have taught parents how to write academic papers so they can help their children succeed in school and they were struggling with the confusing subject Called English. They learned after a short lesson and got great grades in their English classes. Not sure if the lesson would work in every language but it is a simple one page lesson. Teaches are generally terrible students as I have learned the hard way from trying to teach them. Maybe they would be better students if the parents in the class got to choose the teachers grade for the class ???. I love what you are trying to do. Best wishes
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      Aug 1 2011: Thanks for the answer, James! Could you tell me more about this lesson? Are you a teacher? Best!
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        Aug 1 2011: I teach 6 - 12th grades in independent study. That means all subjects and all grades. The lesson in writing is to first outline then write. The key is in the outlining using one word prompts when you are done then all you do is turn the one word prompts into sentences. Kate Kinsella was the originator of the program. Let me try to outline it here. It is easy to learn and remember and the hard work is the outlining of the paragraphs. The paper then writes itself by just turning each idea into a sentence. I used it to write my 6 Masters essays in three hours and I had 6 hours to do them but finished way early. Can easily be expanded for longer papers by adding more subtopics in first paragraph or turning each subtopic into a paper of it's own

        Paragraph 1.
        A. topic sentence
        B. First Subtopic
        C. Second Subtopic
        D. Third Subtopic
        E. Transition Sentence
        Paragraph #2.
        Use B sentence from above to make first sentence then
        Three new facts or ideas or thoughts about the this first subtopic each one in it's own sentence
        Finally a transition sentence.

        Paragraph #3
        Use sentence C from first paragraph to introduce this paragraph
        then three new facts or ideas, or thoughts about this second subtopic
        Finally a transition sentence

        Paragraph #4
        Use sentence D from first paragraph to introduce this subtopic
        then three new facts, ideas, quotes, thoughts about this third topic
        Finally a transition sentence.
        Paragraph #5
        Rewrite paragraph #1 in reverse order to make this act as summary and review paragraph.

        timing is 23% for outline of each paragraph
        65% writing of the paragraphs
        rest of time is to review and correct errors.
        I am not sure this will work in other languages but would love to find out if it will.