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What if citizens were able to choose which government agencies their tax money fund?

When paying taxes, each citizen would be able to choose which government department(s) their tax money would fund.

Pros? Cons? Implications?

  • Feb 20 2011: In theory, this would be nice to do. In practice, this would only work if:

    - people are knowledgeable about all government departments, local and global issues, problems and solutions, previous budgets, current proposed budgets and so on

    - people would not be too selfish to put tax money where it benefits them rather the society and minority groups are not at disadvantage

    - we determine who would be accountable for problems caused by underfunded government operations

    Perhaps some very limited form of choice could be given citizens so they can choose a very small percentage of taxes to go to very specific projects like environment protection?
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    Feb 23 2011: I have thought about this a lot.

    As mentioned above/below--the choice should be general--a tick of a box.
    Something like--
    public education. 10%, 20%, 50%
    infrastructure 10, 20, 50
    social welfare initiatives 10, 20, 50
    green technology and weatherization (WPA)--10, 20, 50
    universal health care system: % ascribed according to income: rich pay more, destitute pay nothing, low-income pay very little to nothing, middle classes pay accordingly.

    War and military is excluded. Today the military is funded by a combo of private-corporate investments and your social security and pension--the military-industrial complex--making war universal and continuous reality.

    So, war would not be allocated. War by nature is commercial and imperial adventurism. if a 'Patriot' wants to support the troops/the conquest he can join up. Otherwise war should be illegal and only for true real in your face defense. In defensive cases--home invasion, conquests (such as Americans in Iraq--if 'others' were trying to get our lovely resources and mowing down our homes or bombing your children than citizens could buy war bonds and/or join up. But no no no taxes whatsoever for military or a standing army/floating navy.

    Maybe make it mandatory to choose three out of the four prime electable categories. And so if you donate 10% to infrastructure you have 90% remaining of the mandatory adjustable income allotment to give to the remaining electable categories.

    All must pay a fixed sum into universal health-care based on income.
    Military is null and void. War bonds in a time of feet-on-the USA ground national defense.