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Is the green design effective in the third world? The balance of intitial cost and running cost with in consderation of per person income

I am a Sudanese Architect impowered and effected by green design and the soluations we create for the long time period, but as i am trying to desgin green i limited to so few low cost materials which is poorly fullfil my designing desiers and the clients are not interested too to increase the budget which is already too high with extra green soluations. With non supportive govermental programs, clients refuse and materials limitation it is so hard for me as architect to proceed green. I do really need to hear from other collages espically in the third world


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    Aug 19 2011: I am also from a third world country to the east of sudan.Green design doesn't only come from the material. Last week I visited a high rise building in Addis Ababa city. I can hardly say light comes from the outside.All floors on the building were artificially lit. It is air conditioned using electricity. you can improve the heating and cooling of the building by using natural methods like trees. you can improve how light enters the building .using more sunlight and less artificial light during the day. And all green materials are not expensive some are even cheaper. you can use cheaper ,greener alternatives until governments subsides the green alternative

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