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Who is a good human/person ? What are characteristic of a good human/person?

If we are to describe characteristic of a good human/person what will that be ? Can we have something to identify ourselfes whether we are good or bad.

Don't you think what troubles we make in our societies is because we dont know it is wrong ?

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    Jul 30 2011: He who try to improve oneself and find that if anything is to change or improve, then there is scope in within and not around the world by teaching other to improve. So if you ask me then Good human being is like this who is engaged in improving oneself.
  • Jul 30 2011: IMHO,

    A good person focuses on one thing and one thing only:
    To add value for him/herself and others.

    But what is adding value (for a human)? this is all subjective and different at the skin, but at the heart of it it is the same. At least for us humans. Adding value for humans means to increase the degree of 'human-ness' in that individual and in the live of others. In other words, in aligning ourself and others better towards humanity. fulfilling one's and other's human rights.

    So what makes us truly human? - the list are numerous, and the closer you are to align to it the more 'good' you are as a human. But this list change over time and circumstance. Nothing is static in this word. Except the 'essence' of the concept.

    But this will lead us to a world that favors humans. At least, with the current definition of "humanity". Very soon we will realize, if the earth is populated only by humans, we will eventually perish. Favouring humanity alone will actually exaberate overpopulation. More healthy people, more kids, more life, more energy consumption, more imbalance (as its impossible to satisfy EVERYBODY) - more unstable.

    The definition of "humanity" are changing as we speak. As humans we must now think globally and embrace non humans as well.

    because again if the earth is filled with ONLY HUMANS. no animals, no plants, no natural resources (coz we use all of them up). We will perish. The resource starvation alone and expectation that every human deserve the same level of 'good live' will propel us towards conflicts. Such as fighting for food, water, power, and natural resources - which are VERY finite.

    We have one shot in each generation to alter this 'mental DNA': when we educate our kids

    So instead, I would ask:
    What is a good earthling? what are characteristic of a good earthlings?

    @Arne Noordegraaf. Yes, in this age we need to move past good and bad. (I wish it were that simple) =)
    • Jul 31 2011: However very true, the point you made about over population, you could also look at it this way.
      In a world with good health for all, a bigger population.
      Also a bigger abled population to solve this problem.

      If we educate properly, feed those in need, it will bring rewards with time.
      It increases the chance for getting another genius into the world.

      And in the end, if we would go down, I would mind less than when we'd survive while being evil.
      As long as humanity stands up to be a change for good, not worse.

      And some people hope for a change in the world, to make the people one.
      Unite and solve the problems in our way, like we always did but united.
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    Jul 30 2011: Hi Arne,thanks for your insights. I never thought of Open mindedness. I included this to my list.

    8)Open mindedness
    • Jul 31 2011: Is it a list with "best on first place"?
      And honest and not selfish, kind off the same are they not?
      Honest and fair also very very much the same.
      Kind and helpful, again much the same.

      Sympathy is being fair, responsible, helpful and likeable for example.
      I do agree with this list of yours, but I think it could be simplified with the right set of words.

      Your whole list is about love?
  • Jul 30 2011: What would that be, I would start with sympathy and passion.
    Open mindedness.
    Most people could agree the "seven deadly sins" are "bad".

    Some people here on Ted might not even believe in good and bad.