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TIME TO END THE ISLAMOPHBIA.What happened in Norway is so sorrowful. Why did it happen? what is the solution of this problem?

The Islamophobia !!!!! WOW

Am I Frightening to that extent just because I am muslim ???

the next Halloween I will dress a t-thirt written on it" Iam muslim" !!!

When somebody kills innocent people just because he doesn't want people become muslims ,that situation becomes very dangerous

I think that ignorance about islam makes some people hate and become afraid from a peaceful religion
I think also that western governments play a major role in spreading the islamophobia through the media, wars"war in iraq and afghanistan",holywood films......etc

I think also the spacing between cultures,interests and the retardation of the Arab world have their impact
in other words the difference between the developed western world and the developing islamic world make an inferiority view to the islamic world and people in the west think that islam mean inferiority and old concepts"islam is an old age religion"

Let's change that condition by spreading 'LOVE ISLAM :)" inesated the "ISLAMOPHOBIA" that lead to terrorism and dangerous concepts

I hope I see the west as in EGYPT my home the home of the revolution when we said "muslim ,christian one hand"
we want to cooperate for making world more peaceful,beautiful,prosperous
and that done by uniting not hate

AL SLAAM ALIKUM "peace on you "


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    Jul 31 2011: I cannot explain what happened in Norway. Perhaps a nut case, with no concern for others, was greedy for attention. Since he is likely to be locked away for many years, we may someday know his true motivations
    Does "ISLAMOPHOBIA" actually exist? Phobias are irrational fears. If I fear that the moon is going to fall on my house, you would agree, with most others, that my fear is irrational.

    After 9-11, and so many other attacks on civilians around the world, it would be irrational to believe that there is no cause for fear. If members of this peaceful religion do not call for an end to such attacks, we are left with reason to suspect that most Muslims endorse the killings of infidels.

    Could it be that there is no such peace movement because peaceful Muslims fear for their own safety? Would it be an irrational fear?

    These realities (and many more) need to be considered in order to give ourselves a chance to understand, and be at peace with, each other. May you receive these thoughts with the compassion that I send them, and may we have true peace and love among all people.
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      Aug 1 2011: Mr,Earl

      well, I agree with all your thoughts
      I can't deny the facts

      yes,there are some muslims that consider you an infidel and they take it enough reason to kill and to kill onther muslim if he stop them

      I divide muslims into 4 groups
      the first don't care about religion and try to mimics the west culture and he is peaceful
      the second understand islamic rules rightly so he behave well ,he takes what he feels appropriate from other culture like the west and he is peaceful and religious like me :)
      the third is tough , he understand islam with quiet toughness, he is very religious and peaceful
      the fourth is very very tough and understand islam incorrectly to the degree he become terrorist and dangerous

      the fourth type is the problem, he discredit islam so people see islam is horrible ,irrational ,violent

      and that one of the biggest causes of islamophobia ,although islam is a very peaceful loving religion

      your fear is a rational but when your fear is to the bad muslims not to the religion itself
      every religion and every area have bad guys , terrorism has no religion

      I feel your thoughts and really want love and peace spread among all people ,that's why I started this conversation ,
      thank you ,
      each year and you are good on the occasion of Ramadan
      al slaam alikum

      sorry for my english :D
      • Aug 1 2011: Something else to consider is that since there is no "Pope" or central figure responsible for sharing a central message, who is to say which of your 4 groups that you describe will grow into power the fastest. It appears that the most radical groups in history get the most media coverage and therefore the biggest voice to spread their message.

        The vast majority of Westerners can not understand the idea of martyrdom. We see this act as completely irrational due to not being able to understand it. Many think that only a brain washed individual would be capable of going through with such an act. Westerners are taught that we can not rationalize with an irrational mind.

        The ideas of Abrogation and Taqiyya threaten Westerners. We are told that many Muslims are taught that "The Verse of the Sword" is an abrogating verse and basically nullifies the peaceful verses. Even if only 5% of Muslims believe this, that works out to at least 7.5 million Muslims that view a single war verse as more important than over 120 peace verses. Taqiyya gives Muslims the "Holy License" to lie to their enemy to protect them and their religion, so even if only 5% of Muslims feel that non Muslims are their enemy, that number is in the millions.

        Sharia is another concept that Westerners can't understand. Most Westerners view Sharia Law as something that was created in the Middle Ages and should have been left in the Middle Ages. The concept of a man being allowed to beat his wife if she does not follow his orders or even kill her if he catches her cheating on him (yet she has can not do either to him) is not understandable to Westerners. We don't understand death by stoning. Death for Apostasy is seen as completely irrational. Fatwas being issued by Muslim clerics are often viewed as a danger to any Westerner who might choose to use our freedom of speech to disagree with Mohammed or Islam.

        Islam is judged by the fruit it bears. Westerners are scared by the rotten fruit.
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          Aug 2 2011: Mr,Jason

          sorry for delay,
          i was quite busy and your comment needs to be attentive

          Frist,we have no Pope because our central figure is not a any person could die at any time and changes to onther with changes in thoughts and affected by personal life,pressure from outside,policy,he can have concepts different from his former

          our central figure is Quran,Hadith,Tafsir for the major 4 emams and other famous emams
          those are stable and for all times, stable doesn't mean rigid
          for example, we are praying 5 times a day, never becomes 4

          we don't need Pope because every muslim is Pope
          what is the different between you and a Pope ,he doesn't have anything more than you
          you have a brain ,hands ,feets as him!!!!!
          why don't you contact god directly???
          every muslim calls god directly and god listen and responds to him.
          what s the special in Pope to call god and the others don't??

          the fouth group is the famous yeah,
          that's the problem of your media,the west media always focus on bad things of muslims to be along with its policy.

          has its impact yeah,
          Always Evil is like that. when you plant a tree and care for it it grows slowly for years and its impact is not obvious but when you cut a tree the impact appears
          and I tries now to make the good muslims appear.

          second, martyrdom isn't suicide
          martyrdom is a great thing has relation to jihad that I think the west understand it wrong
          when you fight against an invader that occupy your country or you fight for freedom,and against Injustice,Corruption,Persecution,,,,,etc
          and if you die during that it's called martyrdom

          that is completely different from suicide bombers and all that madness

          Third,Quran is one thing and can't be divided,doesn't contrary with it self
          the verse of sword to the criminals,the Oppressors,corrupt
          the verse of peace to all even the former if they become good or they want peace
          and if you look in the islamic history you will see that clearly.

          I will complete in other comment
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          Aug 2 2011: Mr,Jason

          the arabian word"التقوي" is pronounced taqwa
          it's on google translate "Piety"

          I don't understand ""to lie to their enemy to protect them and thier religion"

          fouth, the concept that islam or sharia or tafsir is created in themiddle ages is wrong
          actually christianty is older than islam
          Jesus is older than Muhammad
          it doesn't make sense, the principles whatever how old are they for all times
          the moon is the moon it will be the moon in the future
          the chair is chair and it will be chair,it will not be a table and it is always used for sitting!!!!!

          the middle ages you say when the muslims were the greatest and the west was in the ages of retardation and the islamic
          they were like america now
          because they actually follow the sharia carefully!!
          if we follow it carefully rightly we will become excellent
          but we left it or part of it so we are now weak, miserable

          well I will complete in anther time ,

          but i don't like the last statement
          you have the right to speak what you want but politely
          we respect each other respect the religion of the other ,talk freely but respectfully
          respectability is a principle i and you should aware and behave
          Islam is a divine religion that you should respect !!!!

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