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TIME TO END THE ISLAMOPHBIA.What happened in Norway is so sorrowful. Why did it happen? what is the solution of this problem?

The Islamophobia !!!!! WOW

Am I Frightening to that extent just because I am muslim ???

the next Halloween I will dress a t-thirt written on it" Iam muslim" !!!

When somebody kills innocent people just because he doesn't want people become muslims ,that situation becomes very dangerous

I think that ignorance about islam makes some people hate and become afraid from a peaceful religion
I think also that western governments play a major role in spreading the islamophobia through the media, wars"war in iraq and afghanistan",holywood films......etc

I think also the spacing between cultures,interests and the retardation of the Arab world have their impact
in other words the difference between the developed western world and the developing islamic world make an inferiority view to the islamic world and people in the west think that islam mean inferiority and old concepts"islam is an old age religion"

Let's change that condition by spreading 'LOVE ISLAM :)" inesated the "ISLAMOPHOBIA" that lead to terrorism and dangerous concepts

I hope I see the west as in EGYPT my home the home of the revolution when we said "muslim ,christian one hand"
we want to cooperate for making world more peaceful,beautiful,prosperous
and that done by uniting not hate

AL SLAAM ALIKUM "peace on you "


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  • Jul 30 2011: You are taking it far too personally. This was the act of one person only. The incentive was not as much an animosity towards islam as it was a reaction to his world changing in a way he was not comfortable with. Similar acts have been directed at other religions, races, nationalities, throughout history.
    Islam can be a peaceful religion, when practiced by peaceful people. It certainly has a history showing that, and that muslims are capable of the same accomplishments in arts, sciences, etc. as anyone else of whatever religion.
    The hate and fear are directed at those who are not peaceful, who commit acts that appear regularly in our daily information input.
    My understanding of the situation in the muslim world increased dramatically when heard that the Q'ran could not be translated, and must be read in the original language. Since illiteracy is rampant in much of that part of the world, in ANY language, that means the general population cannot see for themselves what is actually written. That opens the door to creative interpretations by those with ulterior motives. And, if that isn't bad enough, their religious leaders, their imams, cannot themselves read the actual text! They can be deceived just as easily.
    Christianity is rife with different interpretations of the bible and its contents have been translated, at least in part, into 2500 languages. It's a little harder to grossly manipulate the contents (although some try) when it is so easy to see for yourself what is written.
    Ignorance about Islam certainly needs to be overcome, but there is as much to be done in that world as there is in the western world. It won't happen overnight.

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