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The automovile is furious and wild. The bike is slow, nice and calm. More healthy and all we need is a good breakfast to start in a bike.

Please enjoy with this TED space to build the very new "BiciclEtica". buy one, take care of the wheels, chains and all the smiling parts of the mechanical task. Sing a song and go. Riding a bike is riding a heart. I hope your goodwill and ideas to build this new perpective for human & urban mobility.


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    Aug 4 2011: Made me smile.

    Greetings from a fellow biker from M√ľnster, Germany's bicycle capital. :)
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      Aug 5 2011: Ciao Marie I hope to know you when you came to Rome. We can bike in a roman style, with a certain imperial flavor in the pedal force. Maybe you can spread the WBW among your friends. no herarchyes, no presidents, no charges...just bike and rideing bikes in all imaginable ways. Our friens from Guatemala are right now in a show in Mexico demostrating the mechanics from a bike and the capabilities od transformation to achieve usefull machines for all kind of tasks and duties. Our friend in Mexico are in a delughtfull project to convert one main avenue in a bike circuit following the Caracas example. Here in Rome we design some kind of moving sculptures mounted on bikes. And so on.....you what are you doing. Please tell me. Nice to hear you.

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