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Are we living in the best time of human history or the worst time

When I saw A robot that flies like a bird talk I said we must be living in the best time in human history
but the fact there are 1000,000,000 hungry people living with us in the same planet not in mars in the age of the Internet and communications where you can reach any place in the world instantaneously over IP or airplane says we are living in the worst time of human history
so I think it the best time for the machines and electonics but it the worst for human
if we realy want to fight hunger we need to identify the root cause
and the root cause in brief is human behaviour
there are some people who think there are better than other
the have the right to punish , torture or even killing other people if necessary not beacuse they did thing wrong but they do not like them or they simply want take (steal) thier resources (Iraq war)
so unless The people agree they are ALL equal injustice will remain in form or hunger ,invasion of country , economical crisis or worst economical sanction against starving poor country
people and countries will continue to be at diffrent level of power ,knowledge, wealth but they all continue to be the same level of emotional and the basic human needs


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  • Jul 30 2011: True.There are always some people too Ambitious. As human beings appeared,as the population increases,the cosmopolitan consonance are receding. The world's concordance has begun to deteriorate ever since the mankind started to live, to hunt for meat,to seize the land for crops,to kill civilian for religious promulgation, to swindle others for their property.
    But we are not going to be the world's manager, neither is anyone. what we need to do is to ameliorate ourselves, to Strive to avoid being preys.
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      Aug 2 2011: Hi Siyuan Chen
      History tell us there was a time when people lived in peace so it can be done
      there are always a world manager a country that rule the world
      like in family there are some one who has the final word
      current world manager is USA
      • Aug 2 2011: Err....Currently some wicked people exist who did not in those peaceful time. With regard to the world manager, I mean the first objection shoule be to develop personal quality to atune oneself to the world better.

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