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Is anyone familiar with the (written) works of Keith Johnstone?

I'd like to start a discussion about his 2 books, his ideas and mostly his body of work,,,

  • Jul 31 2011: Although the wikipedia quotes are pretty accurate, they don't do justice to the books, which are briliant. Absolutely briliant. I've read them twice both of them, and I could go on and on, but the point is I'd like to incorporate this in a meaningfull discussion.
    With actual people, of course.

    First of all, his ideas might need a little time to be able to follow them, if you're not in the bussiness professionally or at least an avid culture consummer.

    But the TED worth is that he covers a lot of ground, all based on experience, trial and error kind of work, in fields others would not dare try. Basically, he started as a teacher, to kids, and he used to get the most undesired classes. He started putting into practice the "old" tehniques, but didn't stay attached to them. So whenever some part didn't work, some kid would not be reached or motivated, he'd try letting go of the rules that accompanied the method, whatever that was. If that didn't work, he tried something else. He had so much success (that is, kids actually started enjoying the experience of learning), he soon assembled, at his request, a class comprised of all the kids the other teachers hated. Or didn't want.

    For details, you need to read the book, but if you get the general ideas, it's easier to understand the body of work everybody else can take from. Which was to improvise, invent, never judge, always take input from students, putting all the blame on himself if the class failed. Again, for details, get the books, I'm trying to get to the positive working atmosphere he built, and in doing so he managed to get the most, and even more, form any student in acting class, either professional or amateur.

    Concerning the 2 quotes, that needs to be explained. Basically, he breaks every single action, work or even attitude into positive or negative. His focus on "saying" YES built exercises, techniques, methods, a philosophy and made a lot of people better.

    I'm surprised nobody else tackled his ideas...
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    Jul 31 2011: Calin, here are some of his ideas (from wikipedia)

    1. people attempt to get what they want by raising or lowering their social status

    2. masks allow students to let go of their day-to-day identity

    My take is there is a great dynamism in our true inner worth and capabilities, our struggles, our failures and our successes and the achievement of our greatest potential that makes our lives a great adventure. http://Bit.Ly/KeyPower

    What do you think are the major ideas form the book that you see as worth spreading?