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Should fear mongering by politicians and governments be considered a crime?

Politicians and governments tend to use fear to get their agendas put into law. The current US debt debate is a good example. Ad's showing elderly people being pushed over cliffs, presidential talking points threatening not to pay social security (which as I understand it is illegal), and other things distort the truth. Maybe it should be a crime punishable by removal from office and loss of all benefits accrued. Thoughts?


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  • Jul 29 2011: If emotional abuse is not a crime outside the political arena, then why would it be a crime in politics? Like Lebowski said, "Well, that's like, your opinion, man." Are people too trusting? Am I placing the blame on the wrong side? I've always mistrusted charismatic people. I've always thought, "If they're giving you this much attention, they must want something from you." My family is made up of salesmen, I'm used to the stchik, I know how to see through it. No, I think there will always be people trying to convince you of something that's only half true, and that it's up to the listener to pick and choose and educate themselves, not let someone else do it for them. But then like I said, every piece of information is someone's opinion to an extent, so is anything true? Even your opinion that the blatant lies of the political campaigns are false is just an opinion and should be scrutinized. Even though I agree with you, that's my opinion and is not absolute truth. Gosh, this is dizzying.

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