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Should fear mongering by politicians and governments be considered a crime?

Politicians and governments tend to use fear to get their agendas put into law. The current US debt debate is a good example. Ad's showing elderly people being pushed over cliffs, presidential talking points threatening not to pay social security (which as I understand it is illegal), and other things distort the truth. Maybe it should be a crime punishable by removal from office and loss of all benefits accrued. Thoughts?

  • Jul 29 2011: Not only politicians & governments but ad agencies too. I, for one, want ALL of them out of office & the whole system redone. The backbone of American (average every day person) is being ignored, while those with power & wealth runs the show. Americans have stood up before, for various reasons, & it's time to do it again. Can you tell I'm NOT a happy camper?
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      Jul 29 2011: Yes and you are not alone. I think this is the basis of the Tea Party if I am not mistaken
      • Jul 29 2011: The tea party is holding everything up & I have reached the point where I don't care for ANY party.
        I want to see America & Americans get into the 21st century NOT be stuck in the 1800s.
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    Jul 29 2011: I don't know about criminalizing it...what would the parameters be? But it certainly should be exposed. Some people are swayed by such rhetoric and that is dangerous. Some of these politicians are interested only in their own agenda which is to get re-elected that they fail to provide good leadership.......on both sides of the aisle.
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    Jul 29 2011: I appreciate your honesty and I agree with your thoughts but I also know it will never happen LOL
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    Jul 29 2011: Yeah for you !!! I am now more confused than every LOL. Truth is something we all decide and follow each one seeking their own way. Thanks for the input and I hope you did not get a headache from the thoughts
  • Jul 29 2011: Then George W. Bush should have been booted out about two years into his first term. Republicans should also be summarily removed from office. Just my opinion. Of course then again, I am probably fear mongering myself .
  • Jul 29 2011: If emotional abuse is not a crime outside the political arena, then why would it be a crime in politics? Like Lebowski said, "Well, that's like, your opinion, man." Are people too trusting? Am I placing the blame on the wrong side? I've always mistrusted charismatic people. I've always thought, "If they're giving you this much attention, they must want something from you." My family is made up of salesmen, I'm used to the stchik, I know how to see through it. No, I think there will always be people trying to convince you of something that's only half true, and that it's up to the listener to pick and choose and educate themselves, not let someone else do it for them. But then like I said, every piece of information is someone's opinion to an extent, so is anything true? Even your opinion that the blatant lies of the political campaigns are false is just an opinion and should be scrutinized. Even though I agree with you, that's my opinion and is not absolute truth. Gosh, this is dizzying.
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    Jul 29 2011: While I agree with your criticism of fear mongering, I'm not sure criminalizing an entire category of speech, especially one so hard to define, is really a good solution.
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      Jul 29 2011: It may not be the best but until that comes along maybe it is a start? Remember we now have laws against hate speech and those are very broad also. On the other hand do we need laws to cover everyone's personal level of being offended? HMMMM something for me to think about