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A scientifically proveable Purpose to Human Life?

I believe the primary purpose of human life is the Unconditional Love, Care, Nourishment and Education of all of Earth's children; and I believe this can be proven scientifically without any reference to any Deity. The proof lays in the scientific evidence found in the 3.8 billion year fossil record of life on Earth. It is simply that life before humans and most of all living organisms today perform no function other that survival to reproduce.

By the definition of the words function and purpose being interchangeable according the both the English dictionary and the English thesaurus, I believe it is reasonable to say (as many of scientist on earth believe) that the purpose of all other lower evolved life forms is simply to "survival to propagate the species".

As human are simply another organism like all others, which just happens to occupy the top link in the Earth's food supply chain, does not mean that the purpose of human life is any different from other life forms. It is just a bit more complicated because of intelligence; and the size of a mature human brain is much larger than the size of a a female virgina, therefore requiring some 15 or so years during which the child needs Unconditional Love, Care, Nourishment and Education in order to mature into a just, moral and productive citizen of society

I believe almost all of humanity's problems stem from the abuse heaped on children by parents who are ignorant of the fact that they are abusing their children.

I also believe the best way to solve most, if not all of humanity's problems is to teach children How to be Parents before they become parents.

My intentions and hope for posting to this forum is scientific verification or rebuttal of these and other connecting hypotheses.


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    Feb 23 2011: Hi All,

    I was taught very early in school that many English words have multiple meanings depending on the context in which they are use; and that the first definition presented in the dictionary is generally the most commonly used. I in every English dictionary I have seen the first or most common connotation of the word purpose is (from Dictionary.com)…

    “Purpose –noun
    the reason for which something exists or is done, made, used, etc.”

    There is nothing in this first (i.e. most common) which implies any kind of intention. Are you all suggesting that we change all dictionaries to match your misconceived definition of the word purpose?

    Also the dictionary definition of “function” is quite definite in that function defines the purpose as the “function…

    “function –noun
    the kind of action or activity proper to a person, thing, or institution; the purpose for which something is designed or exists; role.”

    How can so many reach the conclusions presented here and that have been reached in light of these dictionary definitions of the words “purpose” and “function”. Again, are you all suggesting that we change all dictionaries to match your misconceived definition of the word function?

    Why is it that so many keep insisting that the “purpose of life” lies exclusively in the domain of religion? Baring any factual evidence except what I have presented here, (according to my interpretation of the words function and purpose) there in no factual basis for any kind of “purpose of life” anywhere in human history. That is why human societies have never succeeded beyond where the US and a few other countries have arrived in the notion of a just, moral and productive society.

    With our “free will”, “intelligence” and logic is it not possible that we could collectively define a justifiable “purpose of life” that does not depend on the authority of any Deity but rather on the instinctual good will of the majority of humans? Would such a purpose not be better for all humans.
    • Mar 15 2011: Hi, I feel that your explanations are of someone who has tried as hard as he can to sort out the mystery of life and finally took the easy way out, which is understandable, the meaning of life is a daunting challenge. Many have tried and as many have failed. The laws of nature and man are open to suggestion, suggestion takes us down many different paths and we are persuaded at times to accept the impossible. I beg of you to keep an open mind, it is the only way you can travel the right road. You may find that road is just around the bend.
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        Mar 16 2011: Hi Derek,

        Considering the amount of work I have put into my small book"http://thefifthrevolution.org, it was not the easy way out. Writing the book was the hardest thing I have ever attempted.

        You write as if you have taken the hard way, and already know the "Purpose of Life. If so please share it with the rest of us. If you do not know and you have an open mind, I suggest you read my book, It goes much deeper into the subject and, I believe, provides convincing proof that "Unconditional Love, Care, Nourishment and Education of human children are in fact the "Purpose of Human Life".

        I agree there are many paths to enlightenment and some lead to the impossible. However, it is a fact that humans are instinctively driven to have a purpose for everything they do, whether that purpose is stated, unstated, implied or ignored (as is usually the case). In the absents of any substantial evidence human are driven to invent a purpose. I propose that unless one is in direct contact with God, one can have have no better evidence of Life's purpose than anyone else.

        All Life's purposes from the beginning of humanity to the present have been "invented" purposes, invented by humans to fulfill the instinctual need for purpose that all humans have.

        Although I believe I have stumbled on to verifiable scientific evidence for the "Purpose of Life", if one were to try to invent a Purpose for human Life, it would be difficult to invent a better purpose that the Unconditional Love, Care, Nourishment and Education of Earth's children. Children, after all, are the only real future we have.
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          Mar 16 2011: Richard, my view is that the purpose of life varies from person to person. It's something very personal.
          If we try to look at it as an observer, we probably must come to the conclusion, that, beside the subjective purpose every person might or might not assign to his/her life, there is no apparent OBJECTIVE purpose to life.
          Life just is, and it's up to each of us to make the best out of it.
        • Mar 17 2011: Hello again Richard, your description of unconditional love etc, are very meaningfull in their own way and produce a multitude of different emotions. Evolution only progresses for the benefit of the species and because this is the case, the information that feeds evolution must come from the species. The species feeds on emotions and emotions are who we are and what we are. Evolution is just another word for ability and ability without some kind of guidance would spiral out of control. It's finding the source of that guidance that will eventually give us some purpose in life. The reality that will explain the whole. You won't believe what I have written in answer to Kathy K. 3 March 20/11. However it is true and I think it is about time evolution was rewritten.

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