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A scientifically proveable Purpose to Human Life?

I believe the primary purpose of human life is the Unconditional Love, Care, Nourishment and Education of all of Earth's children; and I believe this can be proven scientifically without any reference to any Deity. The proof lays in the scientific evidence found in the 3.8 billion year fossil record of life on Earth. It is simply that life before humans and most of all living organisms today perform no function other that survival to reproduce.

By the definition of the words function and purpose being interchangeable according the both the English dictionary and the English thesaurus, I believe it is reasonable to say (as many of scientist on earth believe) that the purpose of all other lower evolved life forms is simply to "survival to propagate the species".

As human are simply another organism like all others, which just happens to occupy the top link in the Earth's food supply chain, does not mean that the purpose of human life is any different from other life forms. It is just a bit more complicated because of intelligence; and the size of a mature human brain is much larger than the size of a a female virgina, therefore requiring some 15 or so years during which the child needs Unconditional Love, Care, Nourishment and Education in order to mature into a just, moral and productive citizen of society

I believe almost all of humanity's problems stem from the abuse heaped on children by parents who are ignorant of the fact that they are abusing their children.

I also believe the best way to solve most, if not all of humanity's problems is to teach children How to be Parents before they become parents.

My intentions and hope for posting to this forum is scientific verification or rebuttal of these and other connecting hypotheses.


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    Feb 26 2011: Hi Kathy,
    -Where do YOU think 'unconditional love' comes from?-
    Unconditional Love comes from the basic instinct all living organisms possess. That ultimate (otherwise there would be nothing) instinct is simple the basic instinct to survive and propagate. Parents, especially mothers are driven by this instinct to care and nurture their offspring to the very best they are capable, regardless of the shape that organism comes into being with. This capability is missing in some lower evolved organisms, but is fully achieved through the free will and intelligence we humans posse. This is why parents, again usually mothers, Unconditionally (i.e. despite any defects they may have) Love their children.

    While science in some fields propose that there may be other dimensions to the universe other that the 4 commonly accepted dimensions (i.e, “X” horizontal, “Y” vertical, “Z” depth and time), this proposal is usually given as support for the “String Theory” of everything. These proposals are in no way proved or accepted by the majority of science.In fact, dimensions other than the four generally known and accepted dimensions, are considered impossible according to our present understanding of the Laws of Nature. The Laws of Nature quite emphatically forbid any additional dimensions including spiritual. The reason for this is that for anything to exist it must me composed of either matter or energy which are different forms of the same thing. With out present understanding of the Laws of Nature and given the present state of our technology, science cannot probe or inspect any property without mass or energy. Therefore all notions of things spiritual fall into the same unknowable, unprovable morass of religion (i.e. fantasy). Science simply cannot find any evidence of a spirit in humans other than basic instinct.
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        Feb 27 2011: Hi Kathy,

        Why then do scientist universally accept as fact that matter and energy are in fact forms of the same thing? (i.e. Energy = Mass times (the speed of light times the speed of light.))
        Each unit of mass can be concerted to 90,000,000,000 units of energy.

        -When you're experiencing unconditional love, you're experiencing God. -
        is a lovely and comforting notion and shows that you understand the meaning of unconditional love. This notion of unconditional love is probably one of the biggest reasons most people are religious in the first place. It is also an indication of the strength of the human instinct to desire to want and to give unconditional love. Unconditional love is more valuable and is more sought after than gold.
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        Mar 2 2011: Hi Kathy K,You are one very intelligent, well educated lady. But you have not convinced me of anything. However you have caused me to rethink my whole approach to this notion of reality and religion/spiritualism. The difference between the two is that reality (i.e. The Laws of Nature) can predict the future infallibly because they have been tested and shown to do so many times by many people. The Laws of Nature are the basis for our technology. Without our understanding of the Laws of Nature we would still be living in caves and savaging for our food. On the other hand religion/spiritualism (i.e. fantasy) has no predictive ability that has ever been exhibited and certainly not proved. It is like the movies of Superman, a nice, comfortable notion with a man with superpowers and then some. But Superman does not exist in the physical world we can experience, rather the notion of a super power, like God or a sprit only exist in our imagination. Because all of life is experienced through the electro/chemical actions and reactions of a huge computer we call the "brain"; and all experiences are processed through the same channels of the brain, it is sometimes difficult for humans to tell the difference between reality and fantasy. Then given that the fantasy is more exciting and comforting than dull old reality, many people choose to believe and live in a world based on their fantasy.I have come to believe that there is nothing much wrong with this so long as it makes you just, moral, happy and productive; and you do not try to force your fantasy on others who have different fantasies as in religious wars or preaching.There is much in religion and spiritualism which is wise in terms of living one's life, I just feel that it is wiser to base one's life on something tangible and proved. Building a life on fantasy is like trying to build a tall building on shifting sand of opinion rather than the bedrock of reality.
      • Mar 13 2011: Hi, where does wisdom come from? Our experiences, our intelligence, the suggestion of others, or our own ignorance? What I am about to say has never been told before, as far as I know. Science describes it in terms of a time warp, religion puts it down to something spiritual. Many Ted readers who have these experiences which I am about to describe will confirm what I am about to say. This is to prove that what seems, is not what is. I researched what are called dreams of the future; there is no such thing! A dreamer dreamt of an atrocity and the level of emotion felt on a scale of 1-10, was 9-10. The second dreamer dreamt of a similar atrocity and the emotional level was 3-4. WHY? It just so happened that the first dreamer, dreamt of the atrocity has it happened, the second dreamer dreamt of the happenning has it was being planned. This gave the second dreamer the illusion of seeing into the future because the event happened 9 wks later. None of the dreamers knew when the incident was going to take place, so where did the different levels of emotion come from? They could have only come from the perpetrators of the atrocities themselves. I have just started a debate of my own, ( The start of life and its meaning.) you may find it of some interest.

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