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Are there any real arguments against polygamy?

Whenever same-sex marriage becomes legal somewhere, detractors always say the same thing: What next? Can I now marry my dog? If gay people can get marry is paedophilia and polygamy OK? (I really read this just this morning.) The difference in most cases is of course that we are talking about consenting adults, whereas animals or children cannot give consent. But what about polygamy? It also involves consenting adults and apart from it making it difficult for lawmakers in terms of inheritance, child custody, etc., why not?

  • Jul 29 2011: Prof Michael Sandel makes its very clear that whenever we argue about these issues, we are normally arguing about the honors that go with social institutions such as marriage. As far as "real" is concerned, that depends. To the person making the argument their perspective is "real" or valid to them. That is why we need to find "the lost art of democratic debate" otherwise we end up with versions of justice that violate the rights of people whose lifestyles is incompatible with our values. You are right that the arguments about marrying dogs and children can easily be dismissed on grounds on consent but once we have cleared that hurdle we clearly need a debate.
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    Aug 3 2011: I am pro-gay on anything because I believe that gays should have every right that heterosexuals have ( including adoption etc.) . But just wait for the lobby on polygamy gay marriages I can ensure you that it will come soon. And far from good it will take the subject to more confusing dimensions.
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    Aug 1 2011: It's like prostitution and marriage.
    The key lies on the consenting criteria.
  • Jul 31 2011: Technically, yes (ie as you had mentioned, all willing parties are assumed here) but emotionally, NO. I had a Muslim neighbour who had 4 wives and lots of children (so much so that he lost counts..) Looking at the way he juggled the financial burdens, moderating the jealousies and family issues would be too draining for anyone. Maybe there are rare, successfully polygamouscases, but I think the effort to maintain them is definitely demanding still!
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    Jul 30 2011: It is not important with whom you enjoy sex when it comes to personal choices or taking decision at all. but let me tell you that we live in civilized world where certain rules are formed to manage society at large and rules can not be made for every individual.

    Looking at the present situation world over I feel that biggest mistake ever we as humans made in the history is to be civilized and wearing clothes! Fact is If we choose to be called social animals we are bound to respect feelings of majority or else no rule can prevail.
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    Jul 30 2011: There is only one marriage that matters and it is The Perfect Matrimony, a way of life written by Samael Aun Weor. His book of the same title written in 1950 reveals the origins and goals of one man one woman marriage. It is published by Glorian Publishing. and
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    Jul 29 2011: Sounds an intriguing question !!
    Well how you define polygamy ?
    Plenty examples in nature and roaming homo sapiens in it's dawn can be the argument in favor rather.
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    Jul 29 2011: There seems to be only religion based arguments in the forefront of the debate. There is some argument from nature against polygamy. Yet, maybe it could be considered from a financial view that it could be very expensive, or from a more practical view that it could drive one person crazy trying to keep up with the emotional swings of two life mates. As a male I would not want to be in a polygamous relationship. It would just be to much work.