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If you could ask one question to all of your neighbors, what would you ask?

Live TED Conversation: Join TED Fellow Candy Chang

Candy is a public installation artist, designer, and urban planner who likes to make cities more comfortable for people. She's passionate about redefining the ways we use public space to share information that can improve our neighborhoods and our personal well-being. See more of her at http://candychang.com and http://civiccenter.cc.

This conversation will open at 3pm EST on Monday, August 1, 2011.


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    Aug 1 2011: Oh man I'm like a live-chatting turtle! Sorry I'm so slow, I have yet to even read all the responses. Thanks so much for chiming in! I really appreciate it. A lot of great questions and ideas. You've given me a lot to think about and I will continue to go through the thread at my turtle pace.
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      Aug 1 2011: You should probably extend the time limit to a day or three ;)
      You don't need to respond directly, instead, think a bit about your responses and let others do the same... Forcing conversations with these narrow time limits is rarely good... Wouldn't you want to read all of it, check some facts and then respond?

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