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If you could ask one question to all of your neighbors, what would you ask?

Live TED Conversation: Join TED Fellow Candy Chang

Candy is a public installation artist, designer, and urban planner who likes to make cities more comfortable for people. She's passionate about redefining the ways we use public space to share information that can improve our neighborhoods and our personal well-being. See more of her at http://candychang.com and http://civiccenter.cc.

This conversation will open at 3pm EST on Monday, August 1, 2011.


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    Aug 1 2011: Candy you already touched on where I was going .... I would want to know what my neighbors feel is working, and what I could do better (e.g. putting on my pants before watering the garden).

    Another thing I would be interested to know is what my neighbors perceive that we have in common. So I would ask "What do we share"? Responses could range from stuff to values,
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      Aug 2 2011: Hey gurl! Good to hear from you. Ha yes it's interesting to think how much neighbor drama could be resolved if we only knew we were bothering each other before things escalated.

      What a good question. I've never asked my neighbors if there's anything I do that bothers them… I wonder if they would be honest with me or feel the need to be polite. I wonder how their responses would be different face-to-face vs. via an anonymous page on my door. Another FB response favorite - "Does my nudity offend you?"
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        Aug 2 2011: Here is a good one. "What is that smell?"

        The Portland apartment we just rented for 6 months had an extraordinary smell. The stuff we just moved back to Eugene over the weekend smells like this. I wonder if it will go away. I hope so.

        But I really want to know what made the smell. Is it the type of food one or more tenants were cooking? Is it building materials? Mold? A beer making endeavor?

        Maybe the neighbors would know. I want to hear what they think.

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