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Read my words and then tell me if science is a religion or not.


So I'll come right out and say it.
Science is a religion.

Why do I believe this to be true?
Because a religion can be a way to live for some, an explanation of life to others.
It is usually also meant to improve living, most religions have goals, end destinations like for example heaven or enlightenment.
One could say it depends on your definition of religion.

Science strives, or at least should strive, to improve life, explore reasoning etc etc.
It is also a way of life by a lot of people these days.
Science is trying to explain life.
Science is often held back by dogma's aswell as some religions are being held back. (in my experience)
Evolution and other scientific theories compete with religions sometimes.
Its one of the thousands of ways of looking at life and explaining it.

Its not often that people can have two different religions at the same time, though maybe this is explained by the fact that people don't usually look at science as a religion. (applied on to those with a religion)

I would love to hear more well constructed cons especially, since I am pretty empty here on the con side.
Also pro's would be welcome ofcourse.


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    Aug 6 2011: If Science is a religion then Scientist are Gods?

    imagine the host of myth buster, make it the whole crew of the show playing, experimenting our life?

    Its true that we want to improve life, like doctors for example... life is not always a happy ending that everytime we leave
    the hospital everything is a-okay. Imagine yoursefl a surgeon trying to save your patients life but at some point you failed.

    It is in our good intent to live a good life thats why we appreciate what Science can offer to us but still it is based on a "trial and error" approach until perfected. lots of sacrifices have to made which i dont aggree for lots of injustices will happen.

    Science can be manipulated and there are lots of people who have been left out there that can end up being your chimps and hamsters in your so called "laboratory experiment", your playing god experiment. like the example above at some you will fail.

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