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Read my words and then tell me if science is a religion or not.


So I'll come right out and say it.
Science is a religion.

Why do I believe this to be true?
Because a religion can be a way to live for some, an explanation of life to others.
It is usually also meant to improve living, most religions have goals, end destinations like for example heaven or enlightenment.
One could say it depends on your definition of religion.

Science strives, or at least should strive, to improve life, explore reasoning etc etc.
It is also a way of life by a lot of people these days.
Science is trying to explain life.
Science is often held back by dogma's aswell as some religions are being held back. (in my experience)
Evolution and other scientific theories compete with religions sometimes.
Its one of the thousands of ways of looking at life and explaining it.

Its not often that people can have two different religions at the same time, though maybe this is explained by the fact that people don't usually look at science as a religion. (applied on to those with a religion)

I would love to hear more well constructed cons especially, since I am pretty empty here on the con side.
Also pro's would be welcome ofcourse.


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    Jul 31 2011: I changed my mind, science is not a religion. I can explain why by using your example, where you said "Its not often that people can have two different religions at the same time" Well let's pretend science is a religion, and you choose christianity over science. Well on sunday morning, you wake up, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, and then go to church. The minute you walk into the church you are contradicting your self. Because the church, was not built with christianity, it was built with science. The mathematical, physical, chemical and biological facts required to be able to construct a church demonstrate that science cannot simply be a religion. It is the study of the natural world. Not a religion.
    • Jul 31 2011: So wait, construction is science?
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        Jul 31 2011: What was the process by which the properties of given materials was discovered. How did they get the arches and columns just right so as not to crumble? How do they know what to use to maintain it without eroding it? All these are questions answered with SCIENCE :-D
        • Jul 31 2011: So cooking is science aswell?
          Really depents on your perspective on science, because cooking and construction these days have nothing to do with it.
          Its just the construction of the thing, not the invention.

          In a certain way, yes, it would be science.

          But only the practise of known methods, not the inventing of methods.
        • Jul 31 2011: Cooking and Construction are absolutely based on scientific discoveries.

          I think the problem here is that you drew your conclusion before you asked the question. You seem only interested in reading and or supporting facts and opinions that support your predetermined conclusion.

          If you are asking the question then you need to be open to expanding your existing method of thinking because a question where you can only accept one answer no matter what facts or evidence are presented.. well.. its like how you have to approach religion..

          My assumption is that you are a very religious person (not denominational, just religious) and are looking to validate your thoughts that science is a bad thing. This does not do anyone any good and i hope you honestly think about what i said and look at how you are approaching this in the mirror and ask if you really wanted to hear anything other than validation of what you already thought.

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