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Social networksites, a good or a bad thing?

Are social networksites like facebook, twitter, etc stimulating evolution in a positive way because of the quick information sharing and the transparancy or are they a source of moral decline because there taking a way the feeling to interact directly from human to human and the thereto relating sensory contacts?

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    Jul 29 2011: Definitely good. Having had a quiet childhood where I only had contact with a few close friends and was completely sheltered from what the rest of the world and my peers where up to, I am convinced that had social networks existed all my life, my life would have turned out very differently and for the better.

    The do encourage transparency and openness, while helping us to understand and accept others and the differences between us. They will also help to diminish taboos while highlighting the boundaries of acceptable behaviour.

    I also think the encourage more human to human contact, with a more diverse range of people, purely because its now easier to connect and communicate with others which makes organising and promoting events an awful lot easier. Also as the tech improves, so will the sensory contact you get through the social networks with the aid of video chats and live feeds so distant friends can share in the excitement of the moment (eg live videos of children's birthdays to relatives on the far side of the planet, or how about streaming a live video of your first music gig you play at straight to your Facebook page). I don't feel like I really knew my Grandparents for example as I only saw them a couple of times a year. Social networks would have been really helpful to know them better and understand what their life was like.
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      Jul 29 2011: I'm with you if you're talking about organising/promoting events and keeping contact with people all over the world to arrange future meet ups etc. Here are the social sites really helpfull.

      But I'm not quiet sure if technology can assimilate the same sensory contacts as the real human contact. I know technology is evolving immensely quick but I just have the idea that no computer made simulation can give the same feeling to people as when they interact in the same little room where u can see, smell and feel them. Although I admit technology is pretty good in giving us this illusion.

      Thanks for your opinion.
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    Jul 29 2011: like any other drug. to be used in moderation only.