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A comical social experiment that would solve many problems in society

This is completely theoretical, and I find it quite comical to think about, but I cannot help to think that it is mostly true. I believe Adam and Eve had it right the first time! This has nothing to do with the Bible or religion, but instead involves something we deal with everyday. Clothing. If we as a planet and society were to magical change to a society that did not have clothing at all I think that society would be much better than ours. Think about it. Every day people strive to wear the best clothing, to look good. Many world problems are centered around power and sex sadly enough and clothing allows people to be manipulated (power) and judged (sex). Stereotypes can be derived by the way people look, and clothing is actually the fastest and most effective way to communicate to everyone around us. It is the first thing people notice and usually the only thing when it comes to passing strangers. At the speed of light (literally) people observe, analyze and judge each other based off what they wear. Clothing shapes first impressions and allows government and institutions to invoke prejudice among the people. Some cultures, like Saudi Arabia, base many of their laws off what people, mostly women, can or can't wear. People spend billions of dollars in the US alone buying Se7ens instead of Old navy brands, just to show off to everyone that looks at their rear end and let them see the big "7"s across it...If everyone were naked there would be nothing to hide. Their bodies would be open to everyone and there would be less pressure to achieve certain body types. Everyone would be the same and different at the same time. No more hiding the truth behind all those clothes. Although this is a crazy idea, and it will never actually happen, I find it amusing realizing the humor in our demise...

Plus...think how much better it would feel to ride a bicycle, "freely" :D haha

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    Jul 28 2011: in this movie someone sugested if everyone stoped and droped a dose of mdma together, to see how the world is 4 hours later. this is similar, dissolving of the walls we put up for ourselves. we could all use something like this
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      Jul 28 2011: Very interesting. What is the name of that movie?
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        Jul 28 2011: its called, not ironicly, Rolling. if you have netflix, its a instant view. a bit b movie, but its told in "interviews" with allegedly real users. one user sugest what i said. but becuase of various views and opinions on drugs, i would say getting naked for a day would be more easy lol.

        AND i think, starting small, this could happen!
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          Jul 28 2011: I guess you can never be too sure haha. And thanks for the feedback
  • Jul 30 2011: First off, we as a species have adapted physically to the fact that we will use clothes, certain natural protections from our environments have been evolved away because our crafting ability allowed us to make better solutions.

    Now going to the social impact you speak of, at first it may indeed be caotic, shameful, different and perhaps more honest and less prejudicial, however I believe that some of this prejudice you speak off and the instant judging of a person by its appearance is hardwired into our brain, a sharp man can recognize an acquaintance from about a 100 meters away and without looking to hard, or maybe mistake someone else for that acquaintance, we do this by unconsciously processing the general patterns of his shape, dressing, movement patterns, and colors.

    Being the social animals that we are, I believe judging the character by these same raw basic inputs is also a part of how our brains work, what we need to strip ourselves of are the unfundedly negative prototypes we attach to tat information.
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    Jul 29 2011: Not sure I want my flabby, white body blinding drivers with reflections so I will just wear clothes for now and probably save lives of innocent drivers (lol)