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Is religion still relevant and necessary in the face of the many global challenges?

My interest is to hear what people have to say about the role of religion in our societies and whether we need it as we face serious global challenges. Answers can come from any perspective.

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    Jul 30 2011: Religion is the cornerstone. Religion comes from the Latin Religare, or, union with God, and is almost perfectly synonymous with the word Yoga. The problem is this--->We Need Religion In Action.

    Everyone wonders where we came from. Why we are here. Who we are. What we're doing and why. Is there any point? Do I matter? How do I live? How to treat others? What to hope for? Is everything already planned out? Do I have free will? How do I make choices?

    Religion helps to answer so many of these questions and helps us form an identity.

    The problem, besides Religion In Action, is that the main religions of the world are seen as separate from each other. Gnosis teaches that Jesus the Christ, Krishna the Christ, Quetzalcoatl the Christ, Osiris the Christ, and many others, all come from the same root, which is Gnosis (Greek for experiential knowledge), and anyone can become Christified which is the goal of Gnosis. Gnosis explains the secrets of scripture and alchemy in order to reveal to us practical steps in order to become better people by experiencing a revolution in consciousness or awakening of the consciousness.

    Visit to learn more. Gnosis deals with Religion, Philosophy, Science, and Art. It is a full experience but is not for the undisciplined.

    Yes, Religion is 100% necessary.
  • Jul 28 2011: In a certain way science itself can be described as a religion, it depends on your definition of religion.
    It is a "way" to explain life, possibly how to life it for most people.

    So one might take the muslim way, one might take the christian way and so forth.

    Its up to you, to decide for yourself. Everyone for themself.

    Some ways are very similar, some are very different.
    As long as you can respect each others ways, no trouble.

    The question if its still relevant leads to nothing but different ways of explaining life, how to live it.
    And this brings forth a discussion about religion itself, not so much its role in society.

    People with faith oftenly believe their religion will bring absolution to the world, will make things better in the end.
    Maybe even give them passage into heaven instead of hell.
    A lot of the faithful would instantly shout yes to your question.

    And then there is the people without faith, some of which hate religion.
    Instant no.

    Nothing if lucky, war if not.

    So if it is or is not necessary, how can we know unless we perceive both ways.
    Copy earth, make earth 1 religious and earth 2 not religious.
    Only then, you will know for certain, but ofcourse people can go guess here which is all fun n games.

    Even tho I do agree some religions could be holding us back, some religions are full of dogma's.
    Some religions almost forbid open mindedness, of course not literally.

    And in the end it all comes down here to open mindedness.
  • Jul 28 2011: In my opinion, religion is still relevant, simply because it is the primary force behind cultural evolution of our society.
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    Aug 2 2011: Hello all,

    I personally think that religion is still relevant in today's world. But I think the answer actually depends on what you mean by relevant.

    Relevant can mean two different things. For example, I believe that Christianity, and most importantly the gospel, is relevant to today's culture. Even relevant to atheists. That's because Christianity makes certain truth claims that are either universally true, for everyone everywhere at every time, or universally false. So I think if it is extremely relevant to everyone and every culture if God really did pour his wrath that each of us deserve on the innocent Christ (the historical Jesus, not gnostic "Christ") and then raised him to life again and that through faith in His blood to cover my sins I am forgiven and given righteousness. Absolutely I think that message is relevant.

    However there is a different meaning of relevant. Relevant can also be taken to mean something like - is it something people care about? is it something that interests them? etc. So its pretty obvious that in that sense religion is not relevant in today's culture (unless it's a nameless watered down bhudism-ish nonreligious religion).

    I've never been good at expressing my thoughts, but I hope my thoughts are helpful. at least as a viewpoint of someone tremendously changed by God through the gospel preached by his Church (organized religion).
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    Jul 30 2011: Actually how many people in the world know the real meaning of religion. Real human religion is to help those who does not have hands like us, can not speak etc. They are al the creatures other then humans. Our creation is for to help them. This is the real religion for mankind. This is my personal opinion and belief.
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    Jul 29 2011: My belief system and your belief system or principles and convictions is the perspective that you and I believe can transform our world but our diverse society, in order for it to strongly progress needs to be more aware of the fundamental unity that we all have.

    This fundamental unity can be made more strong and apparent when we define it in a "universal" language that avoids bias and prejudice arising from our perceptions that other belief systems and cultures are different and are invading or converting our own belief system.

    Our own perspective has wisdom and truth when it can take any other perspective and see its translation into our own, realizing our fundamental unity.
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    Jul 29 2011: I think we need the moral guidance of religion even more than ever when we face the current global crisis. With no moral compass you end up with a mess of ideas that lead to conflict even worse than we have in my opinion. Just look at congress today. If they had a moral compass we would not have the national debt we have, the lack or respect for the average citizens they show and other issues. Just one persons opinion
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    Jul 29 2011: I believe faiths are still important as they play a major role in society. Simply because faith -> society -> impact on everything else. The state of the society determines how economically successful we are, how united we are as a country/nation/state, so on and so forth. Such a strong pushing force in society cannot be done without. People use faith to seek explanations for things that science probably cannot explain, and as humans we all need something to believe and worship. Whether it's material things such as our cars or God, we all need something to worship. I believe all religions fundamentally teach us to do good, therefore, it is beneficial to our society and most definitely still relevant.

    Serious global challenges nowadays can be broken down into natural disasters and man-made crises. Natural disasters are hard to predict and being the emotional creatures we are, people look for answers in grief and hurt. With the hope and support that faiths offer, we can all move on together instead of being lagged behind in grief. Man-made crises such as economic crises seem to be entirely irrelevant to faiths but many people believe tend to turn to places of worship to pray for success in endeavours. This has been proven to somewhat raise morales of businessmen/stockbrokers. Coming back to the point that faiths make up a huge part of culture and customs, and in defining what is morally acceptable in countries, this could reduce corruption etc. It may sound a bit far-fetched but one less fraud case IS a fraud case less.

    My stand is clear, I think that faiths will definitely be relevant no matter which stage of life or century we are at.
  • Jul 28 2011: I believe religion is an outdated concept. It was originally used to explain various aspects of life and nature that people couldn't understand such as the weather, our feelings and such. It was also effective at creating a system to maintain order in society. However, the many areas of modern science can very well explain many of the anomalies and strange parts of our world. We may still not fully understand some concepts such as the depth of the oceans or the beginning of the universe, or even dark matter (and much more.) By using proven effective methods of logic and reasoning, we can continue to pioneer and solve these problems. Religion in any of it's forms simply serves to hold us back on these ideas by telling us what to believe through superstitions and ancient texts that make no sense, particularly with the developments in modern neuroscience. The main benefit of religion has been the value system it has instilled in billion of people. Yet, I think that we can maintain core, beneficial values without holding us back from innovation.