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What is the toughest question for IBM's Watson?

Think of a question that you think would stump Watson. Here are some guidelines:

- Keep it as simple as possible, (i.e, one sentence per question).
- Make it easy. An average person should be able to answer the question.
- The question should be computable and have a short answer. (i.e, "What is the meaning of the universe?" doesn't count).
- Be creative.

Example: How many months begin with the first letter of the alphabet?

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    Feb 21 2011: What is something that you have never heard and which does not exist in your memory?
  • Feb 21 2011: Right. The question should be calculable and have a definite answer, like the example I gave in my original post.
  • Feb 21 2011: If you became sentient,. how would you convince us you were not simulating?
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    Feb 20 2011: What is love?
    • Feb 20 2011: That falls in the same category as "What is the meaning of the universe?"

      While those types of questions are amusing, the point of the exercise is to identify the limitations of Watson in order to gain better insight into how it works.