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Service Learning Coordinatior, AmeriCorps

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Creating a website that focuses on the positive things people do for others instead of just the negative things seen in the media.

All too often, the news (at least in America) is filled with horrific events that can make individuals lose faith in general humanity of man. However, there are thousands of amazing people who are only occasionally focused on in sporadic side stories or documentaries. I think that it would be cool to create a website that is solely focused on the awe-inspiring things people do for each other that can often go under the radar. A more positive psychology approach, i.e. focusing on what is good with people instead of what is wrong with people.

People could then go to the website to get a uplift and much needed positive refocus to their lives, and then possibly even donate or become involved. This is important because being happy is associated with living longer, being more successful, and many other things (see Ron Gutman's video). Should something like this website idea already exist, it should be better publicized and integrated into a bigger network. Resulting in something like TED but less of innovation and more for heroes of pro-social behavior.

  • Aug 6 2011: Adam! Great ideas. We can always use more of that in today's world. I want to let you know about the ODE website, devoted to optimistic stories and successes. Check it out, I think you'll find it to be rather uplifting.
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      Aug 8 2011: Do you have a link? I tried to Googling it, and I found this website: But I was not sure if that was what you were talking about.
      • Aug 8 2011: That's it Adam! Enjoy! Such wonderful and inspiring information.....

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  • Aug 5 2011: I agree with you 100%! Go for it, start your own blog or site, it doesnt matter how many people have the same thing because we all have different views! I created mine not to long ago, ( focusing on positve energy and being inspired. I have had some great feedback! Remember, its the start that stops most people. So be like Nike and "Just Do It" I love spreading positive energy, if you need some help or if you would like to partner or anything , let me know! :) Best of Luck!
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    Aug 17 2011: I agree with you! :-)
    Would love to help in anyway I can.

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  • Aug 8 2011: It is indeed good news to hear your Adam, about your idea of spreading positive news. I stopped buying newspapers sometime ago because of it's predominent negativity. It's good that the Master of such is in trouble in the UK and I do hope he will investigated in the USA as well! I would love to follow your ideas and information about positive news and shall appreciate if details as to your website etc could be given.
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    Jul 30 2011: Look at A chicken Soup for the ... website. Websites are free sometime start one of your own and let other join you. Share stories from children in your local area on your website. These are just a few ideas I would like to throw out.
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      Jul 30 2011: Thanks for the update! It is good to hear that at least a few people are already interested in promoting positive news instead of just negativity. I will check it out.
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    Jul 29 2011: Upon further reflection, there are some websites that might be similar to what I was thinking but not exactly such as CNN's Heroes site. However, I still think that a lot of the positive stuff gets drowned in a see of negativity. Perhaps my idea would be better branded as a movement to spur positivity on the web and other media. I am not sure where to go from there with that, but I think that we really need to have some sort of positive news somewhere.
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    Jul 28 2011: Yes,I agree with you.We should celebrate those unsung heroes.Their stories are just waiting to be known and to inspire others.