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masters of our own destiny

I truly believe that we are the masters of our own destiny, and we have the power to choose what future is to come.

There has been a lot of talk lately from a variety of different areas and subject pointing to the idea that there is a big change coming, whether it be, a religion based apocalypse, a technology singularity, climate change getting beyond reversible (which it may be already), self destruction through war, spiritual evolution through the age of enlightenment, and all the other prediction and prophecies of 2012.

Whether it be for good or for worse, today or in 50 years, I have the feeling that something is changing or coming. Then again it could be because I have been reading too much..

I feel that we don't need to wait for some promise of prophecy or fear destruction, as we have the power right now create our own future. Our main barrier seems to be waiting, we all have our own ideas on how to fix the world, we say that “if the majority did this or that, then there wouldn't be this problem”, so we wait for the majority to come and tell us that on a particular date everyone is going to change their ways, But the date never seems to come.
We hear how we are destroying our earth; I don't have to worry because the government is taking care of that problem by reducing carbon admissions by 3% by the year 2300 (Exaggeration). The possible spiritual and consciousness awakening in 2012 would be great, ill just keep living my life normal until then and hope for the best.

Instead of waiting for a time of change to come, why don't we start changing right now, making an effort not just for ourselves but for everyone, directing our destiny. I realize that some people are already taking this step; the people who use this site are probably among the minority who are thinking about our future.

The question is , how can we change the selfish ways of some, or encourage the “waiters” to act?

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    Aug 1 2011: Hey Tyrone,

    As it happens people have to want to change themselves (this is the most effective form of grassroots action). Unfortunately, this usually only happens (at least in our modern day societies) when things "come to a head." The way we as a species have self-socialized ourselves tends to produce people who are content to mill about until they have no other option.

    People struggle to take initiative in their own life. They are content to have others tell them what they are, what they should be doing and what existence should mean to them. Concordantly, people are too ready and content to tell OTHER people what they should be doing. Such energy would be better spent ENSURING that you, as an individual, are doing what YOU NEED TO BE DOING. If everyone was handling their own business, we wouldn't have to wait for "others" to choose to change.

    In a way it's almost comical really, the way our suffering is so much of our own doing. How many people die from natural disasters compared to how many people die from neglect, diseases that are curable, murder and lack of care from care professionals?

    Our species is either sadistic or really really ignorant. I tend to believe the issue is generally the latter. We just have to keep each other informed so that the truth has more avenues to reach people who are otherwise occupied or numbed by inane and meaningless lifestyles that serve nobody - not even themselves.

    Let's just hope that mass extinction of our species isn't the necessary lesson required in order for people to reform their self-destructive, unsustainable, egotistical and unconnected tendencies and habits.

    I am certainly working towards a lifestyle that facilitates appreciation of existence and connectedness to this great organism called life!
  • Jul 30 2011: I agree that changing oneself first is the 1st and necessary steps. By this step alone, it demands a lot of constant self-introspection and struggles (ie 'you are your worst enemy'), If you progress beyond this, you can be the 'light' to the world and to spread the message/influence further. A noble calling and I do see your point about the urgency ESPECIALLY now. Truly wish you every success in your endeavours!
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      Jul 30 2011: Thanks for the reply. I absolutely agree, it is very challenging to make big changes in your life, especially if it makes your life a little tougher such as using recyclable products, walking instead of driving, eating less meat and animal products and so on. To complication is that to make a some changes you have to be selfless, as some changes you make won't be for your self but for the earth, the animals, nature and others, but there are many people out there who's reply to making a change is that "nothing bad will happen while I'm alive, and I don't care what happened after that" (a work colleague gave me this response yesterday) truly selfish and ignorant.

      The challenge is trying to give people information with out sounding like you are preaching, as you will be shut down right away.
  • Jul 28 2011: awesome post! i believe that we must first change ourselves, that, i believe is the easiest first step. i always like to think: what's easier; changing everyone else for the better...or myself first?
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      Jul 30 2011: Cheers for the reply, I'm glad you like the subject. Referring to my reply on the other post, it's seems that changing our selves, especially selflessly for the greater good can be more harder done than said. You truly need to have compassion for others and nature.

      That's a great attitude to have, and your right it is easier to change yourself than everyone els. That I believe is the only possible way that there can be change for the better, as "everyone" consist of many "selves". There for that needs to be changed is all individuals :)

      It's funny isn't it, that to change the attitude of the world and countless complications, all that needs to be done is the individual making a selfless change that would not have to much affect on their lives. It only takes a world full of individuals to have compassion and the current world view is completely turned upside down. Seems easy enough