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Can a person excel in life with out a degree?

Creating this because i was trying to assist a fellow ted member regarding this topic,but it will not let me post? or even click like? Here was my response.

my opinion is simply that a piece of paper is not much at all,iv met people with their degrees and without who i would consider just as smart,but when it comes down to it,its whatever works best for you.I have no college degree but i have found that experience is what i personally find the most important but on the fip side of things the knowledge that is gained in college is important as well(But if you dont pay attention in college and barely scrape by then in my mind,years were wasted and money as well,)(My family has a name(wich i will not mention) for people who did go to college and because they did not pay attention they wasted,their money,time as well as other peoples time as well(if time exists as we know it)So in a nut shell what ever you feel that will work for you because everyone is different and some learn different than others as well.(these are just my opinions and in my mind that makes them right nor wrong)Some places dont care about degree(like it used to be)they watch you for a while and if they see that you know your stuff then your hired if not then sry.Hopefully the following link will help you make YOUR own personal choice.Thanks for you alls time and have a great night/day and take care.

  • Jul 28 2011: Ofcourse its possible, loads of people started up their company without any degree.
    But it does require luck aswell, something you can not rely on.

    Not saying I favor education, but it is the safe side.
  • Jul 28 2011: Your worth in the marketplace is determined by your skills. A college education does not make you smart about money--not even making money. If you are an employee, you have no leverage. You need to build something for yourself. J.Paul Getty said: "I'd rather have 1% of 100 peoples' efforts, than 100% of my own." You cannot work 100 hrs/day, but you can have 100 people working for you. The best way to do this is Network Marketing. Also, I have met with people who had college degrees, the Mercedes in the garage, $800,000 home, nice clothes and jewelry, etc, but they were drowning in debt. (Most of them lost everything when their companies went bankrupt in 2008-2010) Block after block of foreclosure in Silver Creek, SJ! They don't understand personal finance, just as the fast-food worker earning $8/hr. doesn't understand personal finance. Bill gates dropped out of college, Tiger Woods, too, and so did a lot of other wealthy people, who went on to create large companies. That's a business SYSTEM; they created a system, they have a system, just a franchise owner or network marketer does. Stop thinking like an employee-brain, and start thinking about what you can create for yourself! As an employee, they can hire or fire you at will! There's no security in that! Now i work with people who got laid off after 28 years in their company, 2 years short of the pension. Other people I know with 401(k)s lost everything in the stock-market crash. You have very little control over that money! The only way to start over when you are 60 is network marketing. Just because you went to college, and you could memorize facts and reguritate them for an exam, does not make you smart. Do you create value in the marketplace? Are you a leader? Lots of college students are just brain-washed media drones; brain dead, without 1 original thought in their entire life, spending evry spare minute watching Jersey shores or Kardashian, like my nephew. And they think they will wind up billionaires!
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    Jul 28 2011: Well, it is possible but having a degree in any area of expertise would help a lot better.That's just my opinion.Correct me if I'm wrong. ;)
    • Jul 28 2011: Well, google won't hire anyone without a degree--from a prestigious school, no less! But not all of us can work for google. A degree in this economy means nothing! I know Ph. Ds who are earning minimum wage. No-one's hiring. My friend is an artist, has her MFA. I told her: "The difference between you and a large pizza is a large pizza can feed a family of 5." My sisters tell me to get a job at Walmart! i know 19 year olds who build a business, are now 23, and earn over $50,000 A MONTH! I had a 3.98 average in school Know what my degree could get me, when my son was 3 years old?? An "overnight" job in a group home, for $7.00/hr! And what was I supposed to do with my kid??!! Each person must decide for themsleves the value of an education. I say go, get a good liberal-arts education, if you have the money or can work while you go to school. i don't think the degree is worth the paper its printed on anymore. Learn a skill. Sales, fixing a car, a computer, brain surgery, growing food, building earthships, leading people. These skills will be worth something in the future, not a degree in business administration, or history, or even computer programming--that you can learn on your own. Be well read, know how to inspire people, be around successful people, not negative people, learn to save 10-20% of your income, and learn to invest it. Invest in self-improvement, read books like: Think & Grow Rich, be part of a larger community, that gives back, grow your own food, recycle, mentor a child. this adds more to society than paying for a degree!
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        Jul 29 2011: Lia, I truly agree with you.I understand that when you work just hard enough,you can succeed without a degree.Anything is possible if you desire for something and you're willing to work hard for it.