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What is time?

I was thinking the other day that we all measure time by the distance around a center axis. Our earth time is measured by the length of days to orbit the sun as our axis. Our solar system rotates around an axis as do other galaxies. So my thought was how does time get measured at the central point of the measured axis? What is time in the very center of any axis? Can it be measured? Just thinking.


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  • Aug 15 2011: sorry it has been so long icant recall the title of that particular book. might i suggest you try another route ? I have found that a good question is more profitable than a tousand answers. Rather than attempting to understand time endeavor to more carefully observe nature more closely biology chemistry physics astronomy astrophysics remember that all things connected are that thou canst not stir a flower without troubling of a star..O.K.? Also look up Buckminster Fuller, i believe thats the correct spelling, he developed the geodesic dome and carbon 60 is named after him bucky balls and then look up the fellow who came up with fractal geometry that is very powerful . then study absolute zero you will find something called a bose einstien constant, recently a lab passed a laser through a substance at very near zero degrees and it was slowed significantly o.k.? now look at relativity and the speed of light study these things taking notes and remember this man created the inch and man created the minute if an inch no longer is an inch then what is it and the minute? Ask your own questions brian i am on the fringe i believe the speed of light is like the sound barrier no barrier at all. Get back with me man
    • Aug 15 2011: Thanks Todd. These are some very deep subjects and I have been reading more and more along these lines. I am also wondering is Einstein's understanding of the speed of light, really a correct formula or is the speed of light like you stated, No Barrier at All? It seems to me that the more we study the more we do not understand. One question leads to another and another, etc. With the speed of technology, we are able to see farther than before, look smaller than before and it just puzzles my mind, if Time is a measurement, How big is big and how small is small??????? It seems to me to be an infinite distance either direction you start looking at. Thanks for the insite. Many more thoughts to consider.

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