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What is time?

I was thinking the other day that we all measure time by the distance around a center axis. Our earth time is measured by the length of days to orbit the sun as our axis. Our solar system rotates around an axis as do other galaxies. So my thought was how does time get measured at the central point of the measured axis? What is time in the very center of any axis? Can it be measured? Just thinking.


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    Jul 31 2011: Before I started study at the institute, which studies the time, for me it was just time interval on the clock. I could not imagine that the time may be living substance - it can be felt, especially in humans. that you can feel the acceleration time, deceleration time in yourself, in other. And it turns out he lives inside the brain. I record the passing time by the brain. By all devices, we measure only the time intervals rather than time itself, and by the brain we can feel it itself. It is like intuition, or the feeling that you are in an accelerated space, where events are going fast, or you find yourself in a padded, totally retarded action, where time passes very slowly. Very interesting thing!!!

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