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What is time?

I was thinking the other day that we all measure time by the distance around a center axis. Our earth time is measured by the length of days to orbit the sun as our axis. Our solar system rotates around an axis as do other galaxies. So my thought was how does time get measured at the central point of the measured axis? What is time in the very center of any axis? Can it be measured? Just thinking.


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    Jul 30 2011: Time to me is either the passing of the cycles of nature (ie day /night, seasons etc.) or a way of coordinating activities so we get together with others to share life experiences or get tasks done so we can do other tasks and live life. Sounds hokey I know but I cannot go to the store and buy a bottle of time, a box of century, or a pound of decade. It is much like when we would send some one to buy twenty feet of firing line, or two gallons of prop wash from airplane blades. A construct if you will to make the universe more useful
    • Jul 31 2011: I really like your answer. It cannot be held onto. It cannot be purchased. It cannot be retrieved. Only moving forward as we perceive it now. Thanks.

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