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Name ONE idea that you think has the potential to make your city/state/country/ 'our world' a better place?

TED has so many different ideas being presented and they are mostly all great. However, ideas applicable to developed countries may not have the same impact on developing or under developed countries. So, which idea according to you will have the most impact on your lives?
Would be great if you could also list your reasons.


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  • Aug 27 2011: The world doesn't need to be a better place. Earth is a paradise. It is inherently and innately supportive of life. The earth is not alive, it is a host to life. What we need is a more technically efficient world. We need to allocate resources more effectively and efficiently and not let the minuscule rich hoard all of the abundance of the planet. Why after all of these centuries no one has yet come forth for an overall direction to spread the riches and wealth in a graceful way and manner? All I hear is talk of love and kumbaya; basically business as usual.

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