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Name ONE idea that you think has the potential to make your city/state/country/ 'our world' a better place?

TED has so many different ideas being presented and they are mostly all great. However, ideas applicable to developed countries may not have the same impact on developing or under developed countries. So, which idea according to you will have the most impact on your lives?
Would be great if you could also list your reasons.

  • Aug 27 2011: When we think of improving any thing... changing any thing...we should become part of it.
    When we say a better place, we mean reducing problems and their intensity.
    Problems are strongly connected with needs and needs are divided in 2 categories..
    1. Basic needs(Food, Clothes, Shelter) 2. Luxurious needs. (need of more than naturally required)
    Undoubtedly, we should think of Luxurious needs of people, only when Basic needs of all people in the world are fulfilled.
    The prominent point in this analysis is how to resolve problems in satisfying Basic needs.
    I believe in improvement starts with the word I. I save electricity, I save water, I save papers and Trees, I vote, I donate for social cause, I live on the way of Truth, I inspire people to follow Truth. And many other good things we can do and we must do!
    If I am improved in my home, 10% of my home would be improved. If 100 people are improved in my colony, 10% of the colony will be improved. The same way, if 10 Million people are improved, 10% of the country will be improved.. and eventually If 1 Billion people are improved, 10% of the world would have been improved.
    Lastly, I would conclude saying, we should work harder and in quicker way and not just preaching good things.
    Because 1 Good action is more important than 1 Billion unimplemented thoughts that are just burning in the minds.
    If any comments, please reply.
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    Jul 28 2011: For anything to happen, we have to first change ourselves.
    Being in a country like India, reading news 'bout our great politicians who are corrupt we tend to blame them , but lets remember that, we were the ones who voted for them and elected as our rulers.
    we ourselves encourage corruption. we pay more to impress some one, to get our works done at quick pace..we don't follow rules and we think its just 'once'..we take the wrong paths and support by saying that 'its normal..everyone does it..'
    this should change. THE ATTITUDE SHOULD CHANGE. If we can change ourselves, forget 'bout everything else, if we follow the right path, YES, WE CAN CHANGE OUR COUNTRY, AND OUR WORLD!
    • Aug 2 2011: I would give you a high five if there were an icon for it. (;p>

      Very good insight into the greed that causes man to cut corners and stop considering the future, even for their own off-spring's sake.
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      • Aug 3 2011: Thanks. I don't think I have seen the go-tee style of modicon but I do like it. Keep passing the smiles out. They are free.
  • Aug 27 2011: The only idea I will ever support is one that encompasses all of mankind in a technical and scientific way. If one man or woman is left out it is a failure.
  • Aug 27 2011: The world doesn't need to be a better place. Earth is a paradise. It is inherently and innately supportive of life. The earth is not alive, it is a host to life. What we need is a more technically efficient world. We need to allocate resources more effectively and efficiently and not let the minuscule rich hoard all of the abundance of the planet. Why after all of these centuries no one has yet come forth for an overall direction to spread the riches and wealth in a graceful way and manner? All I hear is talk of love and kumbaya; basically business as usual.
  • Aug 26 2011: If everyone starts eating somewhat lesser than they normally would.
    if one eats 3 times a day, he can reduce it to 2 times a day
    If he eats 2400 calories a day, he can reduce it to 2300 calories a day
    if he eats 2 fruits a day, he can reduce it to one per day

    THat might give an opportunity for others who does not have anything to eat a chance to eat atleast once a day
    • Aug 27 2011: Hi Prashant,
      I understand your integrity...
      But how will you take the uneaten fruits, meal to who have nothing to it....
      Rather than sacrificing food, rich people can sacrifice their savings accounts(Money)..
  • Aug 26 2011: go local: support local farming, business, entertainment, culture, sports,...
  • Aug 15 2011: In my opinion, each child should be taught and encouraged at an early age (at school or in the community) to maintain and develope a small plot of garden on which he/she can grow his/her favourite vegetable or fruit. and flowers. Not only, will he/she befreind the immediate environment thus gaining a greater understanding of nature, but also develop a sense of creativity and responsiblity. Even a season's growing experience can have life long reprecussions, and as the child grow up , he / she will not only be secure in the knowledge that they are capable of producing their own food in periods of financial crisis but have chosen alternative to the mass production, chemically raised fruit and vegetables, and contribute to their own health as well as that of the planet.
  • Aug 4 2011: If each city gets thier own individual Snooki and they can use her incredible talented persoanlity to cheer up the lives of the misfortunate or send her into incredilbe dangerous situations to see how she uses her superhuman abilities to make it out.
  • Aug 3 2011: Farm hemp!
    Hemp is a low intensity crop. It has a very long tap-root that breaks up the soil for the next crop, therefore fields do not need to be plowed. this saves massive amounts of fuel for the farmer, and slows the run-off of topsoil.
    You can grow 8 times the amount of hemp as corn per hectare.
    Ethanol alcohol can be made from the fibrous membranes, and bio-diesel can be made from the oils.
    All of the fuels to run the farm are made right there ON the farm.
    Better quality paper can be made from hemp fibers than wood, and a field of hemp will yield three times as much paper pulp as the same field of trees, and you can get 2 or 3 yields per year from hemp and one yield per 20 years from wood.
    Clothing made from hemp is just as soft as cotton, and will wear 2 times as long.
    Pain medicines can be extracted from the canabinoids.
    Oils can be made from the seeds that are very high in DHEA, Omega3, Omega6, protein, all in the highest concentrations you will find in the plant kingdom.
    Lotions and make-up that is made from hemp is very high quality and needs no animal testing.
    Laboratory tests have shown hemp oils to cure cancer and improve heart/cardio functioning.

    All of the things listed above would take many people to create the products, business' to serve the industries that crop from them and so on...
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    Aug 2 2011: Get up and get moving. Exercise decreases health care costs, decreases stress, improves work life, improves love life, and will gradually inspire the people around you. Each of those dominoes branches off and tips over a whole series of dominoes in turn. Here's the tricky part: even just a tiny bit. If you do no regular exercise, just do 5 push ups when you roll out of bed. Then grow by taking little baby steps. That's all. That's how it starts.
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    Jul 29 2011: Cities, states, and countries are made up of societies, which are made up of individuals, of all ages, education, types of health, pursuits, hopes and dreams. I suppose that any message that inspires the collective consciousness to seek Understanding, Meaning and Truth will always succeed, There will be a healthy pursuit of what is rightious, truthfull and benifical, to all. Commencing with a political democracy at its' foundation.
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    Jul 29 2011: Educating people to become conscious drivers. The accident rate is too high in such a small country like ours.
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    Jul 28 2011: Clean dying rivers around the world!!!!
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    Jul 28 2011: Change the educational system to accomodate fostering creativity aside from intelligence like Sir Ken Robinson suggested.

    This is not just about education... by stressing on creativity it focus on what the student like.. passionate about... when what you want and passionate about is channeled.. you WILL BE happy. Happiness brings out the best of people.
    • Jul 28 2011: i agree, but the problem is how do we get all the teachers to follow his ways? i guess we just have to replicate his system ONE school at a time :)
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        Jul 28 2011: I don't think that is the problem.
        Teachers... any good teachers will jump to this because they know... when you channel the student's passion you will get the attention. And attention is what teacher fight for days in days out.
        The challenge I think, will be how to convince people who benefit from current system... the school... college... courses... counseling... professors... and people who bet on it... industry... gov.. parents.
        I guess there's one way to find out now, isn't it ?
        Let the work speaks for themselves.