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Name ONE idea that you think has the potential to make your city/state/country/ 'our world' a better place?

TED has so many different ideas being presented and they are mostly all great. However, ideas applicable to developed countries may not have the same impact on developing or under developed countries. So, which idea according to you will have the most impact on your lives?
Would be great if you could also list your reasons.


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  • Aug 3 2011: Farm hemp!
    Hemp is a low intensity crop. It has a very long tap-root that breaks up the soil for the next crop, therefore fields do not need to be plowed. this saves massive amounts of fuel for the farmer, and slows the run-off of topsoil.
    You can grow 8 times the amount of hemp as corn per hectare.
    Ethanol alcohol can be made from the fibrous membranes, and bio-diesel can be made from the oils.
    All of the fuels to run the farm are made right there ON the farm.
    Better quality paper can be made from hemp fibers than wood, and a field of hemp will yield three times as much paper pulp as the same field of trees, and you can get 2 or 3 yields per year from hemp and one yield per 20 years from wood.
    Clothing made from hemp is just as soft as cotton, and will wear 2 times as long.
    Pain medicines can be extracted from the canabinoids.
    Oils can be made from the seeds that are very high in DHEA, Omega3, Omega6, protein, all in the highest concentrations you will find in the plant kingdom.
    Lotions and make-up that is made from hemp is very high quality and needs no animal testing.
    Laboratory tests have shown hemp oils to cure cancer and improve heart/cardio functioning.

    All of the things listed above would take many people to create the products, business' to serve the industries that crop from them and so on...

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