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Hands on with tools, gardening, seed and produce value/importance for elementary and possibly high school students across Canada.

This summer I have been experimenting with producing my own vegetables in the format of 8x8 plots. For about 3 weeks I would wake up at 6am and pound out and 8x8 ground area with a pick axe and build a surrounding barrier out of lumber. The 8x8 concept seems to be the perfect manageable size and is really esthetically pleasing when you have about 20 of them all next to each other. I REALLY believe we do have to make a change in our diets and our knowledge of food for basic health reasons but also I believe REAL healthy organic diet can really make a shift of consciousness. I was trying to think of ways this 8x8 format could be brought into the city some how, I do not have enough money to buy my own plot of land so I was trying to think where I could put MORE of these 8x8 growing squares. The first thing that popped into my mind was school yards. The seconds thing that popped into my mind was pretty much the only thing that ever stuck with me through elementary school. Which was the workshops my teachers hired to come in. Most of these workshops were on SEX and DRUGS. So my idea is to go into these elementary schools, give the kids a clear image and understanding of the food they put in their body. Teach them about the value and magnificence of a seed and have them dig and build their own garden beds. I think this would be a really exciting and unforgettable experience for kids.

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    Jul 29 2011: There is a great book called Square foot Gardening that might give you some inspiration. A lot of elementary schools here in california have school gardens and I remember in junior high school having a gardening class but so much of that has gone the way of the dodo so we can get every one to go to universities (I think that stinks as an idea not everyone needs to go to college)