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The sharing of ideas for improvement in the work place

I propose that we share any ideas or experiences of an idea or project that has brough or could bring and improvement of any kind in our workplace.

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    Jul 28 2011: I think they start to pay people to do exactly that !
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      Jul 28 2011: Judge,

      I know they do, I am simply asking people to share their experiences.
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    Jul 31 2011: Hi Alexander,

    I want to add to your idea since I have a working list of my own.

    1) Time Management by Executive & Personal Coach Dr. Darryl Cross. - Mr. Cross in his YouTube video [ ] goes on to examine techniques for better time management and productivity which are key aspects to have in the workplace. I personally believe that have excellent time management skills not only improves your value as an employee in the work environment but it helps you manage better your work life balance.

    2) Let's save our e-mail inboxes by adopting this Email Charter! - TED Curator Chris Anderson came up with this great idea on how to reduce the amount of time we spent reading and answering emails. Please take a a look bellow and also, look to the website he formed on the subject. [ ]

    By Onil Maruri,
    founder of [ a place to share ideas, inspired by TED ]
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    Jul 27 2011: Hi Alexander
    your idea is one of the best role in entrepreneurship and business management.
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    Jul 27 2011: Overall transperency, environment encouraging ventilation of ideas, empowerment these three in real sense if can be in place can improve work place environment a lot........