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How do end the prolonged war in Afghanistan? Is the withdrawal of US troops premature?

Al-Qaeda the father of Taliban, which was once was created by CIA with the support of Pakistan intelligence agency, to defeat the Soviets in Afghanistan. But now being claimed as a threat to US and the world. And the war against terrorism has been more than ten years now, but the insurgency has been growing more then before.

Doesn't US has the responsibility to end up the war they started 40 years ago in Afghanistan? What would be the final solution to end this war? And isn't the withdrawal premature?


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  • Aug 1 2011: I think what you are saying is absolutely right. It is our responsibility to end this but the reason it is still continuing is because of the conservative voters in my country. The idea that pervades the American collective conciousness is "Fight to defend American Freedom". If you don't support the war then you are not a true patriot. Well I will be the first to tell you that if patriotism means invading other people's land and shattering their lives and futures to support "Freedom" then I am not a patriot. And I have no desire to be one. If you are familiar with American history these people who are largely responsible for the strife in your homeland are the descendents of those who supported ownership of Slaves and later, the Segregation and persecution of Blacks in the American South. I have a deep hatred for them and their bigotry. They are arrogant and ignorant, very deadly combination. Not only do they procreate and continue their biggoted and old fashioned, closed minded heratige, they spread their ideals through their christian religion and through their corporate news media (FOX) to influence other people in America and abroad to think the way they do. They vote for conservative leaders like George Bush and Sarah Palin and those leaders support the Imperialist foreign policy that you are suffering the effects of. The people who support this war have mostly never left the American south, so they think the world is as peaceful and prosperous as their homeland is. Plus they are unintelligent and will believe anything their beloved conservative heroes tell them on television. The battle for Afghanistan can only be won if we can take the fight to their minds. If we can finally explain to them that their ideals are evil and that they must be stopped. They are ardent, ignorant, staunch and stubborn people so it will not be easy but you must know Mohammad, the conservatives do not speak for all Americans. I am your ally in this fight and I will do what I can.

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